Friday, July 31, 2015

Light Of The Moon to Fantastic High School Baseball Player 

Legendary lovers take their place in the moonlight 

Legendary High school batter takes his place in our hearts 

Light Of The Moon (repeating line poem) 

They kissed in the light of the moon
‘neath heavens with stars richly strewn
Two lovers whose hearts were attune
To passions which made lovers swoon
In moments which passed far too soon
Yet there in the magic of night
They kissed in the light of the moon
Enhanced by its glorious sight
A blend to both Joy and delight
What wonder and dreams they’d ignite
The people who live by the day
Would greet one another and say
They kissed in the light of the moon
As they let their life slip away
Pursuing their final dismay
So they plotted end to affair
An offense the whole town would share
They knew that their targets were there
They kissed in the light of the moon
This light which would guide town to pair
But as the dark moment drew nigh
The lovers did not happen by
And people would soon find out why
As they turned their gaze toward the sky
They kissed in the light of the moon

(Here is another story poem. The first line is repeated and moves down as the story progresses and comes to its conclusion. I left the ending somewhat open so that the reader may paint the final picture. - Let me share one night of magic. During the Disco days, one of Arlene and my favorite clubs was Tingles. We liked to go on off nights, because the club was less crowded and Tingles would hold specials to attract costumers those nights. Our party showed up one night and Tingles (dance club) was throwing a backgammon tournament. I don't consider myself good, but I know how to play backgammon, so I figured I'd try my luck. I soon found, that was an understatement. The dice really went my way. My luck was so amazing everyone wanted ti play me. Gambling on these games was not permitted, but what goes on "under the table"... I was racking in the bucks as the dice continued to amaze. When the night was over and we went through the doors to go home, I realized, I was the biggest loser. I hadn't danced with Arlene once that night. I had let my luck, greed and ego blind me from what was really important.)

With that told, let'enjoy: Mecano "Hijo de la Luna" 

From Tingles to the diamond 

Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson. Let's skip ahead to the 21st century and Ageo Municipality Stadium, where Japan's high school baseball tournament is being held. Let's focus on one player for Namekawa General Baba Yuji. A player who never strikes out. A player who has his own band. A player whose presence a bat is nothing less than mind blowing. A player who has attracted over 9 million views on YouTube.
Witness the next generation of baseball. "滑川総合 馬場優治選手(3年夏)/ Fantastic Highschool BB Player 150723" 
(A player who is thrown out on 1st base.) 

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