Friday, July 10, 2015

Lovers’ Dreams to 7 Ways to Chop an Onion 

A Lesson for lovers 

A lesson for lovers of onions 

Lovers’ Dreams (transforming poem) 

He’d spend his days dreaming of you
Each heartbeat reminder of you
The sun’s in the sky just for you
Sweet scents that flowed by came from you
Each tune was a love song for you
The words he’d rehearse were for you
He’d feel every second go by
Another reflection of you
Oh how did he live without you
He listened for some sweet reply
Some reasoning that might apply
The world he knew spun around you
Now here is this shadow of guy
Who once possessed keys to the sky
But now should he laugh or just cry
For still not a word heard from you
The wind very clear is his sigh
As tears gently kiss young man’s eye
The walls fill with echoes of why
That’s how lovers’ dreams slowly die

(Here is an easy example of a transforming poem. It starts out with one rhyme sound and ends with another. This style is a clever way to use a poetic structure to help illustrate a message of change. The trick is the supplety used to introduce the new rhyme sound. One way I solved the introduction was by using solely the word "you". - When Arlene and I moved in together, we got a small Twin Peaks apartment, with a great view of the San Francisco skyline. We were still heavily into our "teenage kissing". Other than getting there and leaving, the place was magic for lovers. One day, I woke up and noticed Arlene and I weren't kissing as much. How could this happen in a "Love Nest"? Unlike the poem, we were clueless how and when changes came about. This realization would be one of our strengths for rougher times ahead.)

Referring back to the poem, I've selected: The Stylistrics "You Are Everything" 

A lesson of a different type 

Did you know that Libya holds the world's record for onion eating? It is estimated 66.8 pounds of onions is consumed per person each year. How did the National Onion Association come up with that? With all those onions consumed, Libya needs some innovative ways to chop onions. To the rescue comes Gregg of You Suck At Cooking. Not much is known about Gregg. With a YouTube channel called You Suck At Cooking, I wonder why. If I know one thing, one never insults a person with a knife. 
Get your onion ready. "7 Ways to Chop an Onion: You Suck at Cooking (episode 9)" 

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