Friday, July 3, 2015

Meet Me Again to Joe Dirt 2 - Back From the Future 

A strange meeting place for two lovers 

A strange meeting place for two unlikely 

Meet Me Again (free form poem)

Meet me again
At the midnight of reality
To dance on the verge
Of what once was true
Come take my hand
To the other side of the moon
Which once was thought dark
To eyes which can’t see
Hearts beat much richer when rhythms are free
Flowers smell sweeter not bogged down by names
Life can be scary outside the frames
Or exciting
The pages of a book
Timeless and forever
Waiting to be written
In the skies of dreamers
Meet me again
At the river which flows from the ocean
To kiss the deep waters
Of nothing at all
Waiting a hand
To fashion a flavor
Some new beginning
For what was always there
Heartbeats which lighten the path of a soul
Flowers whose colors seem a bit richer
Life set aglow by wonder of stardust
So unfleeting
The feeling
A person so lost
In forest of confusion
Put down a pen
To dance with me

(The poem refers to a place lovers meet when they are together or separated by earthly distance. A place, in addition to what seems real in the moment. Did you notice as the poem floats on, the pictures seem more abstract? Another interesting aspect about the poem is: it paints a different dream in each individual, yet we can all relate. - I thought young love was great. That time when kisses were supreme. That time when I couldn't wait to be with her again. Then, one night at dinner (Saint Tropez on Clement Street) Arlene and I found ourselves floating off. Beyond words, kisses and the dances we shared. Magic... always new yet tenderly familiar. We surely have all felt it... Been there.)

Back i the poem, here's: Rue Du Soleil "We Can Fly" 

Talk about meeting again 

During the "King of New York" (1990) premiere at the New York Film Festival, many of the audience walked out of the theater, claiming the film an abomination. I personally liked the movie. I especially enjoyed Christopher Walken as Frank White. David Spade's character, Joe Dirt, is back (mullet and all) for "Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser". To celebrate the upcoming sequel Joe Dirt meets Frank White in a trailer for "Joe Dirt 2 - Back From the Future"  
Confused yet? "Joe Dirt 2 - Back From the Future" 

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