Monday, July 13, 2015

My Fantasy to Rubik's Cube Magician 

A lover searches for a fantasy which was always there  

A magician searches fur one more fantasy to amaze 

My Fantasy (villanelle) 

Seasons of dreaming of my fantasy
Yet there was just one who trusted my sight
And there she was waiting waiting for me
Some soft summer’s mist where it came to be
Touching my heart and this cause to excite
Seasons of dreaming of my fantasy
Confusion possessing my clarity
Resting at table was comfort from plight
And there she was waiting waiting for me
Hidden in shadows was forbidden key
Some missing piece which I couldn’t ignite
Seasons of dreaming of my fantasy
I searched and I struggled through mystery
With but one candle which always shown bright
And there she was waiting waiting for me
It took me wisdom of quiet to see
What soft summer’s mist some fool turned to night
Seasons of dreaming of my fantasy
And there she was waiting waiting for me

(This poem follows typical villanelle form. I turned to sound and metaphors to allow readers to free the mind and become a part of this poem. - I might lose some of my fans after admitting this. I'm sorry to say, I was not a perfect lover. I cheated on Arlene many times. I could blame many things, but the fact is, I was a selfish, stupid guy. Arlene was not  stupid. Why she stayed with me... we can only blame it on love. One night two girls had a fantasy planned for me. They took me to a bar to help guarantee their design. They weren't bad looking and how many men would turn down sex with two women? I've never had a menage de trois and after a few drinks, I was totally into it. They took me to the doors of a hotel, where they had rented a room for the occasion. All of the sudden, my mind turned to Arlene, I don't recall if I said anything to the ladies as I turned for home. From that night, I never cheated on Arlene again. Not even in thought.)

For those still with me. here's: Gerard Kenny "You're My Fantasy" 

A fantasy of a different sort 

Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Mickei Le Mouse. No, really, Ernő Rubik. Though many have performed magic on it, I don't think Ernő Rubik intended magic with it. That's what Steven Brundage did for famed magicians Penn and Teller. Steven is a magician from Glenville, New York, who specializes in corporate and private parties. Before amazing Penn and Teller,  it seems Steven used the Rubik's Cube trick to get out of a speeding ticket. He was stopped driving 42 mph in a 30 mph zone, but the police officers decided the incident did not warrant issuing a summons after Steven mesmerized them with his Rubik's Cube skill. 
If you are not dazzled by Stevcn, remember magtc may get you out of a speeding ticket, "Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage fools Penn & Teller - Fool Us" 

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