Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nightmarish Perfume to Barbie is Real 

The deadly mystery surrounding a bloody knife 

The deadly mystery surrounding the death of a legend 

Nightmarish Perfume (Martin verse)

The knife the blood the silence in the air
The emptiness which looms from everywhere
The fog which shrouds some feeling of despair
What is this shadowed secret I must bear
Within the poison stillness of my room
As nighttime does the breath of light consume
Deep in my soul some meaning I exhume
To end the course of nightmarish perfume
Regret of death is weighing with the air
As blood laced steel my every thought consume
I dread and fear what truth they may exhume
What endless dirge of sorrows will time bear
What course played out has made this fear filled room
Which searches for some solace everywhere
But in my hand I carried my despair
Familiar grew the nightmarish perfume
My heart was struck uncertainty I bear
A picture bore the cause of my despair
As memories of screams filled everywhere
The knife the blood the silence in the air

(This poem was written in Martin verse, A complete lesson how to create a Martin verse can be found here. One may guess whose blood was on the knife. In fact, I was very careful to keep this part of the mystery open. Which leads to another mystery. - I have always liked to play with people's minds. Arlene didn't like flowers. This was frustrating for me. I came up with a mystery called the Secret Admirer. There was this girl at work. To say she was an egotist, would be putting it lightly. I didn't have anything for her and she definitely wouldn't have anything to do with me. Every Thursday a florist delivered her a dozen roses without telling her who they came from. It wasn't long before the stories of the Secret Admirer spread throughout the company. During this time the girl's department was being laid off. The girl and the Secret Admirer made this whole thing a little lighter. I never told the girl I was the Secret Admirer.)

To go with these mysteries, here's: Barrington Pheloung "Inspector Morse Theme"

Then there are mysteries to laugh at 

Ruth Handler is credited with coming up with idea of the iconic Barbie doll, in 1956. Who would have guessed Brbie would be the source of a mystery, murder, uproar... ? Cool Kid Comedy, that's who. Cool Kid Comedy is a New York City based sketch comedy group who has been producing live shows for popular theaters all around Manhattan. They have also produced exclusive content for Funny Or Die, CH2 and Samsung Milk Video. When this story (and I mean story) of Basie came across their table, they ran with it.
The sick get sicker as Ashley's parents make her the perfect Barbie cake. "Cool Kid Comedy: Barbie is Real"

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