Friday, July 3, 2015

Rebecca to The Overly Complicated Coffee 

One man turns to Rebecca 

While two men turn to coffee -really complicated coffee 

Rebecca (English sonnet) 

Rebecca was my meaning for the day
Rebecca held my heart within her hand
And all I was laid under her command
Rebecca was where all my thoughts would play
Each morning saw me waking at her side
And in the night beside her I would fade
My world with her was one I wouldn’t trade
A world where all my problems would subside
Rebecca was the answer to my prayer
Though others often pointed out her chinks
I laughed proclaiming all their warnings junk
Yet in the dark hid truth I came to bear
Rebecca was the name I gave to drinks
And by her side I soon became a drunk

(The poem starts off making us believe a man was thinking of a woman, but we find out his love was alcohol. We should have realized a problem when the sonnet broke the classical form. Normally English sonnets of this type follow this rhyme pattern: ABBA BAAB CDE CDE, The illustration of this poem is: Sometimes alcohol dependent people are confused about the nature of their dependency. - When Arlene died, I turned very heavily to alcohol. My loss was so great my acquaintances found it difficult to reach me. I didn't have a problem. I just like to drink. (I was a happy "functional" drunk.) I was lucky to meet Amor. Amor's greatest gift is laughter for any problem. I do not suffer depression anymore. Amor is the light from all that. I haven't touched alcohol for years. I keep the half drunken bottle of brandy, as a reminder of the darker times. Thank you, Amor.)

Back to the sonnet.Keeping the theme: Hank Williams III "I'm Drunk Again" 

Now to another drink 

According to a Starbucks employee, Starbucks Coffee was named after a minor character in Herman Melville novel "Maby Dick". (No, his name wasn't Coffee.) Now Rhett and Link enter the scene, much like Starbucks. Rhett and Link (Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III) are an Internet entertainment and advertising duo from Buies Creek, North Carolina. They like their coffee complicated. (No, not that character from "Moby Dick".) As the sketch goes on it all becomes more confusing. Yet, through it all. the barista keeps her mindless professionalism. 
By the way, I wonder what book the guy guy with the glass eye is reading? "The Overly Complicated Coffee Order" 
(If you answered Moby Dick", you might be right.) 

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