Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Silent Silhouette to Turbulence 

A lover must wake up to deal with the mysteries of a silhouette 

A passenger must wake up to deal with the turbulence of laughter 

Silent Silhouette (Italian sonnet) 

Behold the warm yet silent silhouette
Upon the dawn of everything I do
The purpose and the meaning to my hue
A star of hope whose light will never set
Forever’s winds keeps heart within my view
A song the seasons never will forget
The morning’s dew drops cast her prisms yet
Within a whisper everything I knew
How could a time of Joy become so cruel
The sun would rise like any other day
Yet in its path would lay a bitter pool
As brutal fortune took my love away
Still mingled midst the tears of my regret
An ever finds a dream she might pass through
And grants my life a reason to live true
Another kiss of precious silhouette

(Let's put aside the matter that this doesn't fall in line with the classical Italian sonnet. In the third (the conflict) quatrain the rhyme pattern was broken. A little more subtle, you may notice, I toy with sounds a bit. This completely disappears in the final quatrain.  And there is this: what is going on? Did he lose his love? Was it a dream? A desire? Something undone? Open enough for your imagination. - When I started a school for a new way to learn freemasonry, with my friend and brother Fred Nielson, the old one on one method was waning. We decided to open it up to all Lodges in San Francisco, to increase our pool of teachers and minds. We started our studies from the view points of the students. The mason-to-be guided the direction of the learning. To help get the men there, we even throw in free refreshments. These classes are open to anyone, even non-masons. The result, Lodges are growing with active members. What does this have to do with the sonnet? Imagination.)

And talk about the sonnet, here's: Nanobyte  "Honour" 

From mysteries to turbulence 

The first female flight attendant was a 25 year old Ellen Church, hired by United Airlines in 1930. Flight attendants take pride in their passengers' comfort ad safety. Now, some passengers may have some horror stories about flight attendant. But flight attendants have horror stories about passengers, like this one told by Key and Peele (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan) of Comedy Central. It all began when the plane struck some turbulence and the fasten seat belt lights went on. 
Now, fasten seat belts and get ready to laugh. "Key & Peele - Turbulence" 

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