Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Something to Every Snapchat Ever 

From something strangely mysterious 

To something strangely familiar 

Something (Italian sonnet) 

Something in her smile all is now alright
A brand new morning greeted with a kiss
And no words uttered of another fight
Just quiet wishing always was like this
Something in her eyes reflected the past
When worries were few and problems were fair
So many stories of love meant to last
Something that the world and dreams did not share
Something in her mood different today
Something full of hope ignited her song
A bashful secret has swept her away
Something that once was has gotten so wrong
Something in her kiss was saying much more
Something now crying in my memory
Something now aching those times to restore
Something in my drink meant the end of me

(I don't have to tell anyone about this sonnet. As the story/poem reaches its conclusion, "something" takes over. Just an example of using words and form creatively. - Talk about something taking over: In masonry, we are suppose to take our Lodge problems to the Junior Warden, who will investigate and take appropriate actions. This is how I was put in charge of defense, in a masonic trial. It was an open and shut case and the Junior Warden, who coincidentally was in the field of security, did an excellent job gathering all the evidence. I convinced the prosecuting team to throw out the documentation of the divorce, the defendant was going through, on the grounds that the wife may have said some things that were not true about her husband. Without thinking what they were doing they all agreed. Unfortunately the divorce documentation also contained references to the evidence needed to expel the man from masonry. This is how I won the case and garnished the respect of the "powers behind the scene". Unfortunately, the man was guilty and for 5 years my conscience would haunt me for a job well done (or poorly done by others). On the 6th year, the man was sent prison and solved everyone's problems.)

And the music of one of the kings of mystery: 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme - Charles Gounod "The Funeral March of a Marionette" 

How about something in the nature of laughs 

In July 2011, three Stanford University students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, launched a new application. If you guessed Snapchat, you're right. As we know, there's a lot of things we can now do on Snapchat. Or can we? The team at Smosh noticed that most of the activity people engage in over Snapchat are quite similar. Smosh has put together their findings for our opinions. (There is no divorce in this case.) 
After you finish laughing, is Smosh close? "EVERY SNAPCHAT EVER" 

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