Thursday, July 9, 2015

That Fateful Night to Girls’ Sleepover Gets Weird 

What happened to the people on that fateful night 

What happen to the girls at that fateful sleepover 

That Fateful Night (poem) 

The church bells tolled that fateful night
And no one came and no one came
To call for aid in time of plight
All hid in shame they hid in shame
The cries for help went everywhere
They acted as if they weren’t there
But at their windows they did stare
Who’s to blame who’s to blame
The flames soon made the sky ignite
Made spirits lame set spirits lame
As unknown frenzy heightened fright
Courage maim humans maim
Confusion’s clouds then filled the air
As victims met and knelt in prayer
For neighbors such a shame they share
Tears they tame shame they tame
Then in the morning of their light
Conscience reclaim their pride reclaim
They did their best to set things right
Each for his name each for His Name

(There are a number of things going on in this poem. Let's just focus on the pattern of the last lines and the related limes. There is a reason behind the repetition. As tightly as this poem is constructed, there is room for personal interpretation. - I wove this poem together from my experience working with people. I have been on stage and in front of people most of my life. In school, I was taught to entertain. In business, I was trained to convince. The masons needed both. I learned that people (as a whole) do not always act on the best of their intentions. Something holds us back. At times we adopt a mob mentality. It is easy to blame it on fear or ignorance. But I think it is something else. What is the answer?  I do bot know. All I do know is that people have rallied there talents to restore hope in tomorrow.)

With that said, here's: Gregorian "Frozen" 

I hope we're not too late for the sleepover 

The original title of the Broadway musical “Hello Dolly!” was “Dolly: A Damned Exasperating Woman.” I just thought you needed to know that. What...You never heard of "Hello Dolly"? Well, I hope you remembered your pajamas. We're expected at a sleepover. One put one by the "girls" of College Humor 2 (CH2), Sebastian Conelli, Jo Firestone, Kiki Mikkelsen, Lindsay Calleran and Connor Ratliff. That's right, Connor Ratliff, actor, writer and comedian. 
No, this is not a gay party. Hurry up! The "girls" are waiting. "Girls’ Sleepover Prank Call Gets Weird" 

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