Monday, July 20, 2015

The Desert Wind to Mountain Dew Visits Shaolin Temple  

The desert wind searches the sands for answers 

A student searches a shaolin temple for refreshment 

The Desert Wind (English sonnet) 

The desert wind does search the sand all day
For what its foolish heart allowed to go
For reasons just as distant as the snow
Which as its tears is very far away
The thirst it feels is oh so hard to know
The soulless springs are graves of its dismay
Its emptiness the vastness does display
What spirit lends such purpose to its flow
Oh desert wind the sun so sears your plight
Your search your hope your vision never veers
Though sands so challenge every youthful trance
But on that night the moon in fullest light
Through veils of sand the searched for dream appears
To join her wind in this their endless dance

(From the onset of this poem there is something more going on. By the second quatrain a scent of sensuality starts to make itself known. Then, we have the conflict trio, which leads to the resolution. An example of misleading clarity. - This poem was inspired by the many drastic changes Arlene and I went through. People think about death, but the two who kissed on the library lawn across the street from her school are nothing more than memories in the sand. The musicians, the commercial writer, the spiritual leaders, the community activists and more, all gone. Many where the nights, I held "her" in my arms. Looked into "her" eyes and thought in amazement, "We're still together.")

And speaking of the desert wind, here's: Dessert Tunes "Sad Escapes" 

The desert wind turns into kung fu student 

It is believed the famed Shaolin Sect is only a fictional martial arts sect mentioned in several works of Wuxia fiction. It is also believed that a student ventured forth to the doors of a shaolin temple to learn the secrets of the master. It is further believed that this student trained tirelessly for the refreshment he sought.  And if that isn't enough, there is a greater belief that the whole thing is an ad for a soda drink, called Mountain Dew.  
This ad (Mountain Dew ‘Master’) was originally aired in 2006. Since then, it has many resurgences. If you are a fan if Facebook... It's back. "Fast shaolin fighter beating black guy" 

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