Monday, July 13, 2015

The Flowing Scent to Colleague sick at work 

What special scent flows through a lover's dreams 

What special scent at work tells colleagues a coworker is sick 

The Flowing Scent (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What special scent is flowing through my dreams
To tantalize my heart and claim my soul
With promises refreshing wonder’s streams
And all I ever wanted to console
Its satin veils so gently stroke my mind
With feelings fashioned memories ago
And with their kiss are melodies entwined
One wonders did such blossoms really grow
And even in my dreams I stumble still
By questioning the moments of it all
What purpose could a splendor’s answer fill
Would knowing help enrich enchantment’s call
What special scent in dreams is flowing through
Upon a pillow sharing kiss with you

(Just a standard Shakespearean sonnet. Yet even in a love poem, I've used the third quatrain to set up a conflict (subtle as it may be). - Notice the line, "Would knowing help enrich enchantment’s call", as referring to dreams. I had an abusive childhood. My mother's first husband would beat, hit and decorate the walls with my head. I remember the last beating when I left to join my mother, who had left him for another. He had beat me so much, I couldn't feel the last beating. He stopped and broke down and cried. Soon I started to have recurring nightmares, starring guess who. Some were so bad, I didn't want to return to sleep. I was in my 30's when I finally learned to control my dreams. We met, in a dream (he had died years ago), where I cast him out of my life forever. More than this, I have never had a nightmare again. But strangely, my dreams have lost something.)

Boy! We went from love to a nightmare. Is it possible we can return? N. Vendette "Dreaming" 

A scent of laughter might be fitting 

So far, the record for using the most sick days goes to flight attendants. Me... I rarely got sick, lucky for my wife. For when I did get sick, I turned into the worst of "baby husbands", whose wife becomes their mommy. Meanwhile, back at the office, Anna shows up sick. Her colleagues share with her (and us) why she should go home and the facts of sick days. 
This was meant for fun, not as an educational video. "Sick Day // Colleagues" 

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