Monday, July 27, 2015

The Golden Stairs to Magicians Hijack Sky News 

For one luck is ending as he faces the unknown 

For two luck has started as they face the unknown 

The Golden Stairs (Italian sonnet) 

Before him life had spread its golden stairs
A young man with the whole world on his side
Success rewarded each small thing he tried
So in this pride their calling he repairs
He climbed to meet their challenges with ease
As dreams he cast would carpet steps he tread
And she was there to light the way ahead
His memories what pinnacles would seize
But with his age the stairs began to change
The gold had lost its luster off somewhere
His luck was leaving holes for harsh despair
He didn’t know this person now so strange
And here his pain and time would steal his smile
With so much past and vast unknown to go
From hidden goal uncertainties now flow
He thought it best to sit down for awhile

(For this Italian sonnet I've used  the less traditional ABBA rhyme pattern. One challenge in using a sonnet to encapsulate a life is the limited lines. The Italian form does give two extra chances. - This sonnet is basically a reflection of me. My life has been pretty remarkable. I won't say it was all easy, but I feel the golden stairs were set at my feet. I never became wealthy, but I had Arlene at my side and scores of faithful believers to support a dream. Teachers, schools, a company, organisations and a city have enjoyed my climb (bumbling as it sometimes was). I have lived and died many times. I even had the opportunity to be young again. But I am human. One day I woke up in the body of an old man. To make matters even stranger, life dealt me a card not found in normal decks. (No big surprise.) So I've gotten up to meet the unknown.)

To go with this theme, let's enjoy: Glen Campbell "Both Sides Now" 

Luck can be magic 

A pearl is not a diamond, but it is considered a lucky gemstone. Do you see a problem in that? While I have you confused, let me tell you about Young and Strange.  Richard Young and Sam Strange are British illusionists who make their homes in Oxnard, United Kingdom. The duo are both members of The Magic Circle and were recently promoted to become Associate Members of The Inner Magic Circle. This is the highest qualification achievable through performance examination. Somehow and amazingly, Young and Strange were able to perform one of their illusions as reporter Ashish Joshi, of Sky News, was reporting about NHS (National Health Service) reforms from outside the Houses of Parliament. Sky News aired the report before anyone noticed the goings-on in the background. Needless to say, as soon as the phone calls began, the video went wildly viral. 
In itself a great illusion. "MUST SEE! Magicians Young & Strange Hijack Sky News!" 
(Sorry to inform you, but this illusion was exposed and the views went wilder.) 

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