Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Man Who Did Nothing At All to Jake Johnson Does Parkour 

One man's life finds purpose in a celebration 

One man's life finds purposelessness in laughter 

The Man Who Did Nothing At All (free form poem) 

I listened to him
Holding his hand
As the hours passed to his tears
And he closed his eyes for the last time
The man who did nothing at all
How is it likely
How could it happen
To have lived one’s whole life
Just to endure such meaningless pain
The man who did nothing at all
I searched for clues
Something left hidden
Scouring places and traces
For something which never existed
The man who did nothing at all
I called on my friends
Life to explore
Who called upon others
To lighten this growing shadow
The man who did nothing at all
I listened to them
Holding to hope
Behind every friendly smile
Laid bitterness of the sad truth
The man who did nothing at all
So we laid a plan
A special event
Where we feasted with memories
Then raised our glasses and toasted
The man who did nothing at all

(The interesting thing about this story/poem is the last line. Even as I was writing this, the same words changed in meaning and weight. In the end, "The man who did nothing at all " means so much more. - With the masons, one of my fortes was oration, especially the funeral. From 1999 to 2010 I performed 147 masonic funerals. This poem was inspired by one of those funerals. I did one funeral and no one showed up, except my usuals. There were no family members or friends. It bothered me so much that, with the help of some highly qualified brothers, I investigated this man. He wasn't married, didn't have any kids, and hadn't attended Lodge for years. He spent his last years in a hospital and it was his will that specified that he wanted a masonic funeral. We couldn't find any evidence that the man did anything, He did even join any military branch. I brought the whole matter up at a Lodge meeting. It was decided that a special affair be organized in the man's honor. At the party in his honor, we all raised our glasses, as the Master gave the final toast. Here was a man who (supposedly) did nothing at all, brought people together to celebrate a life. The entire symbolism is: no one who lives out their life does nothing at all.)

To leave the whole matter to your consideration, here's: Ecclesiastes "Meaningless" 

Well, I think we could use a laugh 

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. A lot like the ones I use when my wife wants me to do chores. For those unfamiliar with Jake Johnson, he is an actor and comedian, best known for playing Nick Miller in the Fox comedy series "New Girl". Jake thinks he is out of shape. After seeings some parkour on his favorite exorcise device (the television), he decides to give parkour a try. He gets his friend to capture the moment when his mind conquers matter. (Or something like that.) 
Ready... Set... Go! "Jake Johnson Does Parkour" 

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