Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Poet’s Teacher to The Adorable Stages of Reading 

Through his words is the power of the teacher 

Through their eyes blooms the power found in books 

The Poet’s Teacher (decaying poem) 

He wrote his lines with verse and rhyme
With perfect meter perfect time
With every beat his thoughts sublime
Within his words what dreams would climb
He showed his teacher what he wrote
Without a word he got it back
He schemed his dreams in themes of clever ploy
With streams of gleaming meaning he would toy
Extremes which reamed their seams would oft decoy
Esteems supreme would team in reader’s Joy
He showed his teacher what he wrote
Without a word he got it back
He turned his pen toward mild and gentler springs
In meadows where a heart could freely grow
With memories which shared familiar flow
And souls could soar with words which gave them wings
He showed his teacher what he wrote
Without a word he got it back
So he delved deep into a life
To dredge up a meaning he could touch
And try to draw it giving it some form
That sparks a tear a smile a moment
In another
He showed his teacher what he wrote
Without a word he got it back

("Decaying poem" is a bit misleading. It only means the form of the poem changes. One can draw many conclusions about the teacher, but the poet continued to share with him and the poem developed. - Yes, that is Johnny Land in the picture, though 40 years after I met him. Mr. Land was a major influence and eyes through most of my school days. He opened a world of opportunities to me and guided other teachers' interests in my direction. His teaching style was much like the poem. When he could, Mr. Land used my interests to fire his lessons. Many other teachers practiced this style of teaching. I only had one bad teacher. "The slide-rule incidence." But that's another story.)

Back to the poem You probably guessed my choice of song: 
Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings" 

We all know reading can be fun 

J. J. Audubon’s "The Birds of America", published in 1840, is the most valuable book in the world. It sold for $8,802,500 in March 2000. Just thought you'd like to know.Meanwhile, back on earth, did you know, you could teach a child to read as soon as hey can talk? It's true. I did it for both of my children. America's Funniest Home Videos has put together a compilation of children building their relationship with books. 
As adorable and funny as this video is, it  doesn't beat seeing your 4 year old child reading a book for others. "The Adorkable Stages of Learning to Read" 

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