Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Spring Of What Must Be to When We Have Kids 

A strange tale of what must be for two young lovers 

A familiar tale of what must be for new expecting parents 

The Spring Of What Must Be (fabled verse) 

He took his lover by the hand
To view the future fate had planned
To peer into their destiny
Tomorrows surely must be grand
Therein the spring of what must be
A legend lived from days of old
Of waters which the future told
For all who dared to set chance free
This mystery the woods still hold
The whispered spring of what must be
His lady asked what’s there to know
That we won’t learn as love will grow
So let us dream of fortune’s key
And with a kiss she said let’s go
Away from spring of what must be
Sad wasted words he pressed ahead
He couldn’t hear truth heart had shed
Strange quest was all his mind could see
That called him there to kneel at bed
To gaze in spring of what must be
And there he saw their days and night
Each sorrow’s tear each mournful plight
Behind each Joy sore misery
And in the end was one lost light
Foretold by spring of what must be
What did you see his love did say
And with a kiss turned her away
He told her tales of warmth and glee
For her sweet smile he’ll not betray
He’ll be her spring of what must be

(This is my rendition of a story poem. I use "Spring" as refreshing water and/or a beginning and/or the kindling of love as well as a season. I try to keep my poems short, hoping that it will make readers wanting more and in hopes that imaginations will fill in what I have left out. - When Arlene and I first moved in together, it seemed that Love did all the housework. I can't recall who was doing the dishes or cleaning our apartment, at that time. It wasn't until I was recording my music, that my lead guitarist pointed out that dishes hadn't been done for who knows how long and that ants had taken over my pantry. Being a typical man, dishes (and the like) were Arlene's job. My attitude made our arguments flair. We went out one night to a formal affair. I took notice of Arlene's gown. Arlene was a fantastic seamstress. In that gown I saw we all have special gifts. Maybe if we developed what we did best. There were things that would make us stumble. but Arlene and I were an impressive team and were good at dusting each other off. Oh yes, if you were wondering, I was much better at doing dishes and cleaning the house.)

As for the spring, here's: Secret Garden "Children of the River" 

Now that relationship solve its time to think about a baby 

According to Google, new and expecting parents do at least twice as many searches as non-parents do (and that's not just for names). If there was any doubt tat we humans are alike, look at new and expectant parents. Esther Anderson (of Story of This Life) is at it again. Esther is a creative mind, who currently works out of Tampa,  Florida. She, her husband, Thad, with a little help from their daughter, Ellia, have put together a look forward compilation, I;m sure, most of us can relate to.  
Maybe Esther didn't get it exactly right, but she did get it exactly cute. "When We Have Kids" 

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