Friday, July 10, 2015

The Wish to Wolverine Auditions 

A lover's wish comes too true 

Actors wishing they knew why were auditioning 

The Wish (Martin verse) 

Here was a wish she made one night
This boy to love and hold her tight
To be her hope and guiding light
To be the reason all is right
Who knew that wishes do come true
And with a tear he loved her too
Into her arms this boy now flew
Yet without wish what would he do
In love they passed both day and night
Then in a time got married too
Her heart relaxed as moments flew
And something here just wasn’t right
Now though he stayed forever true
Other’s arms would hold her tight
And for his love he’d leave on light
Till she felt shame what did I do
She tried so hard to make wrongs right
What could she do to free her light
And as she died he held her tight
Here was a wish she made one night 

(This was written in Martin verse. A poetic form I put together in 2010. If you would like more instruction on this form, send me an email. Note how the line, "Here was a wish she made one night", changes in meaning from the beginning to the end.- This poem uses the famed "Magic Tear" I often reference. When I was in the 9th grade, I played Prince Dauntless in a girl's school production of "Once Upon A Mattress". It was there I met Arlene. She was the pianist in the orchestra. We became friends (and that's all). When the last show was over and it was time to say goodbye, I ran into Arlene  as I was about to go out the door. I wasn't planning to see her again. She was sad, but tried to act happy. As I took her hand, to say goodbye, a tear escaped and touched my arm. That night I couldn't get Arlene out of my mind. The next day I was waiting outside here school and we shared our first kiss.) 

Let's wipe the tear from our eyes and get to the video I ran into for the poem: 
Bliss "Wish you were here" 

From romance to humor 

The wolverine is also called the skunk bear or the stink bear, because they can secrete a nasty smelling liquid from their anal scent glands. It is unclear if Marvel's super hero, Wolverine, also has this power. We do know that Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in movies, will be leaving the role after the next movie, "Wolverine 3". Connon O'Bren's team has thrown together an audition to find tomorrow's Wolverine. 
No, the actors were not asked to fart. "Wolverine Auditions - CONAN on TBS" 
(Connon wanted to point out: His team was not limited by race, gender or age.) 

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