Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There In His Garden to If Dating Websites Were People 

A man throws off one world to re-enter his garden 

A couple must turn off one world to find their garden 

There In His Garden (free form poem) 

There in his garden
Blessed by sunshine and the rain
Blooms the treasures of his life
Blooms his scent across the sky
There were his seasons
Thrilled with colors from his hand
Blooms of all his enjoyment
Blooms enough to spread and share
There strolled his lover
To give meaning to it all
Blooms of rich kisses
Blooms passing ever
But there in a room
Sits a stranger so gentle
Amid a past unknown
Amid a nurse’s care
Where did he come from
Where was his family
Were some of the sounds
Which fell from the walls
Of his silence
This silence
There in his garden
Blessed by flowing memories
Blooms of another kind
Blooms forever here after

(This poem has a lot going on. Briefly, a man takes us to his garden. His narrative is interrupted by a familiar stranger. Notice the confusion. Notice the calm amidst the unrest. Notice the use of the word "Blooms" (as in yet to be). Notice how the word disappears at height of conflict and reappears at the "end". And notice how simple the "end" is. There are other treasures in this garden. I have only shed light on a few. - In my garden there were flowers and weeds, Every once in a while a familiar stranger comes back to visit with me. We romp in the memories of flowers. Weeds? They had their seasons. And who is to say what gave our garden character? There is a reason there are rainbows in my tears. And in my silence, she sings to me.)

For this poem, I've chosen: Edward Shearmu "K-Pax Main Theme" 

From one world to another 

If you thought dating websites have gotten out of hand, meet PetsDating.com, an online community for pet owners who want their pet to enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life in the company of another pet. There are a lot of dating websites. Imagine if they were real people. That's what the folks of Cracked did. Cracked is a humor website, with over 300 million monthly page views. It grew out of a 1958 magazine. From that world, Cracked now tries to make some sense out of the world of dating websites (as well as the cents or dollars, when this video goes viral). 
And in the end, if we didn't learn anything, at least we had a few laughs. "If Dating Websites Were People" 

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