Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Can I Dream to Things You Can't Do 

A lover follows the possibilities of a dream 

Laughter follows office workers living the wrong dream  

What Can I Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What can I dream to find the words to say
The changes which I go through when you’re near
Those things I knew all seem to slip away
The music which is you is all I hear
It’s you the voices streaming ‘cross the sky
It’s you the rivers running through my soul
And when the scent of wishes wonders why
It’s you the purpose which will make me whole
What can I dream that’s worthy of your grace
Would heart still beat if suddenly you’re gone
What can I dream which sorrow can’t erase
Would sun enjoy the glory of your dawn
With time now heating take my offered hand
What dreams can’t find our love may understand

(Now that you are sensitive to how I use words as part of poem's structure, follow a lover lost in a moment. First he is searching. Then he thinks he found a clue. By the third quatrain, his passion to find intensifies. Finally he offers her his hand, as they surrender to the moment. - This poem has a lot to do with how I learned to please a lady. My first (real) kiss was a gift from Malana. Malana was a good teacher and that kiss would be a prelude to Arlene. Armed with Malana's kiss, I was able to practice on many-a young lady. I began to sense something happening when I made a girl happy. Arlene took this "something" to new heights. Through Arlene, I was able to experience a new "something" with Valerie (my singer, who I have never kissed). Even holding Valerie's hand would be.... The dream can be weird. Valerie ended when her career took her to Japan.)

Let's enjoy another dream with: Digital Analog Band "Dream On"  

From can to can't 

There is a school of thought that thinks, one of the great fallacies in the self-help industry is the notion that you can change your life with “positive thinking.” There are some things one just can't do. Like office workers acting like they are professional athletes. The comedy duo of Tripp and Tyler do their best to show us why. If we can't believe Tripp and Tyler, whose motto is, "Guaranteed to make you laugh or not laugh
at least twice, guaranteed", who can we believe? The  self-help industry? My insurance salesman? 
Decide for yourself. "Things You Can't Do When You're Not a Pro Athlete" 

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