Monday, July 6, 2015

What Promise to The Telemarketer 

What is it that holds a lover 

What new technique calls to us 

What Promise (English sonnet) 

Amid those special moments set aside
There drifts a wonder who had been the day
A dream of others happening his way
What promised hopes had rushed to fill this stride
Amid some special heartbeats set astray
There drifts a tear for all the thoughts he tried
A dream or two which others have applied
With promised echoes of his yesterday
A curtain casts a shadow on his show
A silence he had left so long ago
Allowed drift in ponderous never know
Amid last kisses moonlight did ignite
There drifts some music of a lasting night
What promised dream still dazzles the starlight

(This sonnet holds two surprises. Did you notice the similarities in the opening of the first two quatrains? They disappear in the "problem" trio and reappear in the "resolution" trio. This, and love theme. make some not notice that this poem does not follow the traditional form for English sonnets of this style. - My wife, all women I think, like surprises. One little extra I like to throw in, to help insure success. Always throw in something familiar. For instance: when I kidnapped my wife for a surprise trip to New York, we went to see her favorite musical (Cats) after doing her favorite thing (clothes shopping).)

With this and the sonnet we have: Michael Buble "The Best Is Yet To Come" 

From one trap to another 

Did you know that most "food" in advertising is inedible? For instance: Ice cubes are often acrylic, and wet paper towels are used to keep hamburger buns looking fresh and moist. This is just one trick used by advertisers. Our friends Key and Peele (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), of Comedy Central, may have stumbled on a new trick. Watch as a man preparing a surprise dinner, of his wife's favorite meal, falls victim to the new tactic. 
When you finish laughing, I have ab eye opener. "Key & Peele - The Telemarketer" 
(Some companies have been using a tactic like this on us for years.) 

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