Friday, July 31, 2015

What Were The Words to Awkward Conversation 

Lovers search for the words that began a fantasy 

A friend searches for a point to pointless words 

What Were The Words (modern sonnet) 

What were the words which unlocked heaven’s door
And freed a heart such splendors to explore
A dream a wish a fantasy or more
Within a moment words made meaning soar
You always were the twinkle in my eye
The reason all enjoyment would apply
Our feelings were the rainbows in the sky
Amid our fancies time stood still to sigh
What was that mist I never felt before
That whisper to the wings I then came by
Of things I thought I knew before set high
Of all which one could hope for blessed my shore
What words would memories come to adore
Enchantment only your lips could let fly

(Welcome to the world of the Modern Sonnet. What is a modern sonnet? I wish I could tell you. I'm not a poetry teacher. I'm from the school that considers sonnets a song. Modern sonnets don't have to rhyme or follow the traditional beat pattern. For the poetic mind, there may be even more to explore. For me and the "song school"... I'm Listening. In my example: In my journey in love, I started with one rhyme in the first quatrain. I switched to a new rhyme in the second quatrain. The two are combined in the "conflict" quatrain. In the couplet the two rhymes are merged. Just like the lovers. - What was amazing about Arlene and Martin was, we were different enough to enjoy an individual life, but had enough in common to grow together. Some things we shared in common allowed us to interact without the need for words. Our individuality allowed us to grow and bring so much more to the partnership. We grew as a couple and as Arlene and Martin. Two rhymes came together and merged.)

Since we are exploring new ideas, let me introduce you to: Omar Akram "Passage Into Midnight" 

From love to the pointless 

The verb form of the word “run” has been calculated to have almost 650 different meanings. One word. Take this group of friends, They started off discussing batman. Then one of them turns to using one word to describe one of the friends. This turns awkward as he is called out to explain himself. 
Hey... wait a minute. The two main characters look like Key and Peele, of Comedy Central. You don't think this whole thing was run just to make us laugh? "Key & Peele - Awkward Conversation" 

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