Friday, August 14, 2015

Cause Of Silent Mystery to MSNBC Screws Us Over 

What ts the cause of the silent mystery taking over a world 

What is the cause of the not so silent mystery ringing in MSNBC's ear 

Cause Of Silent Mystery (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Somehow it seems the world has lost its flow
For it appears that all around has stopped
The stars in heaven even lost their glow
The breeze of flowers’ fantasies have dropped
The trees the leaves all stand so motionless
The air so still I feel my heartbeat’s call
Such stillness even time cannot express
One wonders was I really here at all
What is the cause of silent mystery
Why has this moment brought about such still
Will dawn’s tomorrow bring reality
Some hidden hope an instant might fulfill
The answer to life’s spectacle is this
My world was waiting for another kiss

(We start with a gentle mystery, yet we sense it has something to do with love. But for those who have followed my poetry, one can never tell. Yes, some of the words and ideas carry more than one meaning. - One of Arlene's and my favorite romantic getaways was Carmel. It was close enough, yet somehow far away. We went there often enough that though Carmel grew familiar, it still held places to explore. It had dining and dancing. But most of all, it had Arlene. There, in the center of a world created for romance, everything stopped for not only a kiss, but for the amazement which was Arlene.)

Can you help us out with a romantic song : Yiruma "Kiss the Rain" 

I don't think you're ready for this 

When possums are playing ‘"possum", they are not “playing”. They actually pass out from sheer terror. That is the last touch of reality we're going to get in this edition. Meet Lynette Haraway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, two proud Democrats who support (Republican) Donald Trump. Confused yet? Diamond and Silk host an infectiously political YouTube show called "The Viewers View". Supposedly, they were scheduled to be on MSNBC weekend show with Steve Koknacki. According to the sisters, at the last second they were uninvited and Diamond and Silk demand to know why.  
What makes this pair really funny is that there is a layer of truth mixed into the ridiculousness. "MSNBC SCREWS US OVER BECAUSE WE STUMP FOR TRUMP" 

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