Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dream Of A River to Bad Mom - Taylor Swift parody 

A lover offers his beloved proof that dreams come true 

While across a fence a mom proves nightmares also do 

Dream Of A River (poem)

Dream of a river soft satin blue
Dream of enchantments drifting in view
Dream of the music’s promising hue
Dream of the wonders waiting for you
Dream of the sweet echoes of spring
Dream of the blossoms flowers will bring
Whispers in breezes will make hearts sing
Dream of each sigh to which we will cling
Dream of the day so perfectly made
Warm jasmine scents love as a shade
Eyes capture moments passions cascade
Dream of the themes from heaven have strayed
And there are kisses endlessly lit
Souls set to wander feelings commit
Let all else languish to this submit
Dream of what heights true dreamers can hit
For here we are soft satin and blue
Drifting through visions lovers are due
And all of the while I gaze at you
Proof that a dream can really come true 

(In this love poem, we start with a dream ("dream of"). Stanza by stanza lines of ideas replace dreams. Until in the last stanza,when the poem points to the nature of a dream. Notice how the ending stanza rhymes with the first stanza. - My last job at Chevron was creating dreams. People came to me with what they wanted and I would make it happen. A dreamer with an oil company behind him; and paying me to boot. But my greatest dream was Arlene. I had proved myself to the masons and they had a lot of money too. Arlene and I had gone through many problems. We just bought a home in San Francisco. Our kids were maturing. It was time to recapture our dream. We had continued our walks and revisited our memories. These moments help keep us together. But here was our chance to live our dream. Everything was right. Everything had led to this.... And so it was, with Chevron at one end and the masons at the other, Arlene and I rode the wave of our talents. And the most prized were the dreams of lovers.)

All this calls for some mood music: Milew "Dreams" 

From dreams to nightmares 

Studies indicate that about 28% of stay-at-home moms reported depression. This may help to explain the upcoming video. Taylor Swift said/sang, "Cause baby, now we've got bad blood." Deva Dalporto, of MyLifeSucks, says/sings, "Cause baby, now we've got bad mom". Deva is a happily married author, actor, blogger, YouTuber and full-time mom of two kids. She was a senior editor for Nickelodeon's Parents Connect. She is anything but a "Bad Mom". Unless we mean "bad" and the best. 
So, as it seems, these Bad Moms found an answer for depression. "Bad Mom - Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar Parody" 

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