Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dreams Of Her to James vs. Shark 

The dreams of her now fills his memories 

A shark now fills a little boy's room 

Dreams Of Her (poem) 

The dreams of her
Now memories
There never were
Such times as these
Where all we’d stir
Was in a breeze
Which would refer
To dreams of her
The dreams of her
Soft silent pleas
Become a blur
At times like these
Which now prefer
To pay all fees
Which would confer
Those dreams of her
The dreams of her
None else can ease
They’d be a burr
In times as these
All else deter
But one will please
I’d much prefer
To dream of her
The dreams of her
A kiss’s breeze
A wish whisper
For times as these
Which now refer
To memories
That dream of her
To dream of her

(If you have been following me you will note my verity. I do not consider myself a good poet. I depend on my versatility of styles and content as well as a few surprises to keep readers coming back. Here is another example of my diversity. - Arlene passed away in 2002. We had an unbelievable life together. More like a dream. Two broken pieces that fate brought together to form more. It was a tear that brought us together and together we would create remarkable things. Arlene and I were never rich but as a show of the heights we touched, Arlene's funeral viewing lasted three days. Thousands of peopled came to wish her farewell. It is hard for me not to believe in magic. Miss Arlene? It's hard to explain to people. We made good use of our time. Luck, good fortune and opportunities smiled on us.Yes, we had our challenges, but we lived a life, most only dream of. Miss Arlene? Does anyone miss their youth? Arlene and I made the most of ours. I could be depressed or I could celebrate.)

What could be more fitting than a dream bringing a guitar alive: Ana Vidovic performing 
Isaac Albeniz "Asturias" 

Now for a bit of humorous terror 

The average shark has 40-45 teeth and can have up to seven rows of replacement teeth. Speaking of sharks, meet James Hashimoto. Four year old James was playing in the living room, of his family's home when a Great White shark appeared. Now it is up to him to save his little sister, Sophie,  from those teeth, which don't seem to be so useless (facts) right now. 
There is a bit more to this video, but not to ruin the surprise ending, I'll stop here and let you enjoy. "James vs. Shark" 

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