Sunday, August 2, 2015

In Dreams She Comes to Scary Flying Ghost 

How will a lover answer the call of dream 

How will people respond to a scary flying ghost 

In Dreams She Comes (poem) 

In dreams she comes to me
A broken memory
Of things not meant to be
Another world apart
She whispers come along
A chorus of a song
Whose hold on me seems strong
Amid an empty sleep
Her image I can’t place
A mist does veil her face
Yet still I feel a trace
Of what she was to me
A kiss mid summer’s trees
The fantasies she frees
A world a time to please
Oh tell me once again
And still I hear her call
As reason starts to fall
What lies behind this wall
Which keeps me from her side
My passions there she holds
My destiny she molds
As what was real unfolds
Within this realm she roams
Then suddenly a knife
Appears to end this strife
If I would pledge my life
To dream for evermore
I took it and I prayed
To whom my soul pervade
As my heart felt the blade
And I greeted morning

(Here is a unique poem. The fourth line breaks the stanza's rhyme scheme. The first stanza contains the key, "Another world apart". The dream goes on until a strange request is made of the lover. As the poem concludes, it is up to you to piece together the ending (or beginning). - My life was full of the unexpected. Let me share one example. When my son, Peter, was in the 4th grade, he wanted to play soccer. We joined the Viking League, but after the first season the parents were unhappy with the coach. Arlene and another parent took up the position, to keep the team together. There was only one challenge. Though Arlene was great at many sports, she had no experience playing soccer. I had, and so as Arlene and the other parent were the coaches on paper and I coached the kids. It gets better. About halfway through the season, the parents began discussing how their children's school grades were improving. Fact or not, the parents attributed the improvement to Arlene and me. So began our thirteen year coaching legacy.)

To go with the poem, I've selected: Flying Eyes "She Comes To Me" 

From a dream to a prank

Some people think that spirits are more active at night because electronic disturbances are less likely to interfere with their energy. So if I read this right, cell-phones are bad for ghosts. As is Yousef Saleh Erakat, of Fousey Tube. Yousef is a Los Angeles based  entertainer and motivational speaker who produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches and pranks on YouTube. Armed with a long black robe, a mask and a hover board-type of scooter, he wants to provoke some reactions from some unsuspecting victims. 
What we are about to see is funny and an eye opener. "SCARY FLYING GHOST PRANK!!" 
(What I found impressive about Yousef's video is that he didn't cut the people who didn't run from the "scary ghost". We are constant shown people running from fear. It is refreshing to see the truth. ) 

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