Sunday, August 16, 2015

In My Room to Men In Black Safety Defenders 

Alone there is terror in my room 

But thanks to the Men in Black there is safety in the air 

In My Room (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I feel its heartbeat there beyond the door
As here I lay imprisoned by my bed
With thoughts of fear now racing through my head
To shout he’s here the one you’re searching for
It’s then I hear the doorknob slowly turn
I cling to sheets for safety they provide
Another sleep a safer place to hide
A cloud of ifs my mind began to churn
Is that its footsteps now within my room
Or merely madness my mind has set free
Surprising how long time’s second can be
For coward who runs away from his doom
So thus I must face the cause of this strife
The last thing I saw was passing of…

(If Edgar Allen Poe had written a sonnet, it might resemble this one. Each stanza heightens and brings us closer to the conclusion. I end, by leaving the reader hanging, by leaving out the last word, This is a subtly sick way of leading a reader toward the worst. - The closest I've ever come to this was alone at a bus stop in the wrong area of the city. Brave or stupid, there I was in the middle of the night.  From out of nowhere, I felt something sharp at my throat. Then came the command, "Give us your money." While my head was being held, a teenager appeared to take what little cash I had. As the lights from the bus appeared, my assailants disappeared as if in thin air. I was in an open area and I didn't see them approaching or leave. Although I was a fencer and I was taking self defense at the time, with a sharp object at my throat, there was nothing I could do. Fear? I was in a world beyond that. As I took a seat on the bus, still in shock, a lady next to me said, "Your neck is bleeding,")

Some scary music, please: John Carpenter "Halloween" 

We made it to safety 

According to Euronews, although there were 112 plane crashes resulted in 1,320 deaths in 2014, airlines, by far, remain the safest mode of transportation. Air New Zealand, who rates 6th in the quest for passenger safety (so far in 2015), is vying for the number 1 spot, held by Cathay Pacific Airways. Keeping passenger interests during the safety instructions has been one of Air New Zealand's strategies toward success. With this in mind they went to Sony Pictures to create an informative, entertaining and memorable new safety video. 
REMINDER - This is an airline safety video, but enjoy anyway. "Men In Black Safety Defenders #AirNZSafetyVideo" 

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