Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just The Moon to Break-up Pasta 

He'll never know the meaning of the break up for it is written in the moon 

She'll know the meaning of the break up for it is mixed into the pasta 

Just The Moon (repeating poem) 

What did he say that made her leave
What was the reason they now grieve
What heartaches didn’t he perceive
What moment lost could he retrieve
Or was it just the moon
Their kisses flowed like any day
In Joy their time was swept away
There wasn’t cause to fear dismay
When suddenly she couldn’t stay
And there it was the moon
He cried as she passed through the door
You’re leaving tell me I implore
She didn’t turn to tell him more
But left some teardrop on the floor
While walking toward the moon
What was this pain he never knew
Where his mind slipped he had no clue
His conscience groans what did you do
Some soft replies she feels it too
As he’s caught by the moon
So many years did he befriend
And still some scars will never mend
There in the moon some time he’ll spend
To listen why their love did end
It was just in the moon

(In this drama our hero has a need to know the unanswerable, so he blames the moon.- I have sat with many-a  friend, listening to break up tales. Beside the occasional anger and confusion,  they all had in common the pain and tears. Arlene broke up with me. I was going to college at the time. It was a cruel phone call. One of our shortest. I was devastated. Luckily, I was staying with one of my teachers at the time, who.made sure someone was with me all the time. I worked at a restaurant, and my boss, David (who was also my mentor and friend) made me the dish washer (I was normally out front). I don't know how long it lasted, but my friends and teachers got me through it. What was really funny, during this period, I had no interest in any other girls. I was told, by my friends, many girls were making advances. (If only I had been this faithful later in my life.) One day David calls me out and says, "There's someone to see you." It was Arlene! David sat us at a private table, brought us some food, gave me the rest of the night off and slipped me some money. Arlene and I never discussed why the break up occurred.)

To complete this part of the mood, I've selected: Marga Sol "Goodbye" 

Can your stomach handle one more break up 

Break ups have been going on for a long time. In mythology, Medea killed a king to help her boyfriend, Jason, claim the Golden Fleece. Jason dumped Medea for a princess. Gregg. at You Suck At Cooking, is breaking up with his girlfriend. Here is a twist, Gregg has devised a way to combine this, normally less than positive event, with cooking. He has decided aglio e olio, a traditional Napoli dish, was best suited for the occasion. 
Other than a great recipe, the whole thing sounds a little weird to me. But in today's world... "Break-up Pasta - Aglio E Olio - You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)" 

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