Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let’s Smile Awhile to Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat 

Lovers smile in the reason for their love 

Happiness searches to put a smile on Grumpy Cat 

Let’s Smile Awhile (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s smile awhile and let our worries stray
Let’s settle in the arms of Joy and love
It’s here we’ll find the reason for the day
It’s where we share what heaven is made of
Let’s free a kiss to find out where it leads
Let’s free our dreams if only for this while
It’s here we’ll find a freedom from all creeds
It’s where our love is nested in a smile
Tomorrow’s tears must find some place to hide
Some place the glow of love won’t put them out
Won’t put won’t hide our reasoning aside
Reasoning that a smile can conquer doubt
Let’s smile awhile and settle in what’s true
It’s here we’ll find the reason I love you

(Here is a real tight sonnet, In the first two stanzas the "Let's" and "It's" are clearly placed; the suggestions and reasons. They disappear in the "conflict" stanza, to re-appear in the rhyming couplet. As tightly written as this sonnet is, it has a playful nature that sets it free. - Just before Arlene and I decided on a family our careers and relationship was pretty intense. Ever heard the story about the man who carried the heavy rock? People asked him why he did it. "Because it felt so good when I put it down," As good as the many times Arlene and I left this world, for the paradise of lovers. It could be as simple as cuddling under a blanket to a frolic out on the town. We must have radiated love. People enjoyed being with us and having us around. And yes... there was a proper time for lovers.)

Arlene took a long time to turn me into a dancer. One if our favorite melodies: 
El Chicano "Sabor A Mi" 

From famed lovers to a famed cat 

So far, the oldest known pet cat is the 9,500 year old one that was found buried in Cyprus. Of living cats, none is more famous than Morristown, Arizona's Tardar Sauce or Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat is a mixed bread, owned by Tabatha Bundesen. She (the cat) is the Official Spokescat of Friskies. In a new Friskies and PetSmart commercial Grumpy Cat meets Happiness. Happiness the dog. Now, the question is, will Grumpy Cat finally smile or continue to rake in the big bucks she is paid by Friskies. 
Whatever Grumpy Cat's decision, this will put a smile on your face. "Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat" 
(Greedy cat) 

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