Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lonely Tears By Candlelight to When You’re Bad At Names 

A lover reflects his loss by candlelight 

All the candlelight in the world will not improve this fellow's name recollection 

Lonely Tears By Candlelight (repeating poem) 

Another dream I held too tight
Has managed to slip out of sight
And so I spend another night
With lonely tears by candlelight
Here was a kiss I’d come to know
Amid this world she came to grow
And as she did she brought a glow
To one who stared into a plight
With lonely tears by candlelight
Each step I took she danced along
With every mood a special song
Amid such right what could go wrong
Those moments made we would prolong
We never had to share delight
With lonely tears by candlelight
My shadow formed another stream
Another pool another dream
At first it earned your gracious gleam
Until I made it so supreme
And blessed it with a sacred team
As she hid somewhere out of sight
With lonely tears by candlelight
And on I ranted day by bay
A child who had to get his way
She’s now a puppet for my play
Do every little thing I say
There in the mirror my dismay
Too late for she had gone away
Another dream slipped out of sight
I should have learned to hold her right
And so I spend another night
With lonely tears by candlelight

(Here, I established the last two lines: especially, "With lonely tears by candlelight." With each new stanza I increased the counter-rhyme by one line.  Near the end, the "established lines' were omitted. This was done to mirror the speaker's silence as he returns to his initial frame of mind. - I come from an era when the man typically dominated the relationship and the relationship of many of my friends suffered. This is where the poem comes from. Early in Arlene and my relationship, I picked up on some valuable insights. Arlene could dance. I couldn't. Arlene was much better at playing the piano than I was and could more fluently play the songs I wrote. These are simple thoughts, but I was a young man when my eye began to see. Arlene and I had a lot in common, but we were different. By celebrating all that we were, Arlene and I became much more. Perhaps it is just my imagination, but a female whose mate allots her freedom to be herself, radiates beauty. Regardless, I have the shadow of this poem to keep me in the light of my love.)

This calls for a mixture of sadness and beauty: Jerry Goldsmith "Chinatown Love Theme" 

Let;s lighten the mood 

Some believe knowledge simply gets "misplaced" and the key to good memory is to figure out how to dig it out. But the latest research seems to show all knowledge is subject to gradual decay. Even your own name is vulnerable. It is only a matter of probability. Boy, that is deep. Let's just stick to names. Some of us have problems remembering people's names. Some of us, like me. Well, the folks at BuzzFeedVideo doesn't want us to feel bad. They have found a guy who really takes the cake... or pie... or pizza.... or donut... or... Just watch the video.
Research also seems to show that ladies remember names better than men. "When You’re Bad At Names"

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