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Lovers’ Afternoon to Butte're 

Explore the afternoon of lovers 

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Lovers’ Afternoon (Martin verse) 

When stardust mixes mid the moon
When kisses cast make lovers swoon
When hearts unite to form a tune
Then is a lovers’ afternoon
When words don’t have a thing to say
When even dreams seem far away
When eyes are havens souls there stray
Then it becomes a love’s mid-day
Then passions rise beyond the moon
Then all they knew now far away
Then whispered winds cause minds to stray
When love is in its afternoon
Then even reason dare not say
Then there again what made them swoon
Then heavens hear a timeless tune
When lovers bask amid mid-day
When will I kiss love’s afternoon
When will you teach my heart your tune
When in your arms I’m bound to swoon
Then stardust mixes mid the moon 

(Not only was this love poem written in Martin verse, a form that I created. It bears with it a play with words. Martin verse does require a little planning, as the same 8 words are reused over again in the basic form. Add to this the complexity of planning a "When" and "Then" beginning and a kiss or two should be sparked. - One of my most rewarding splendors with, Arlene, she loved planning. What I mean by that is: She really got off on well orchestrated events. The more thought I would put into something, the greater would be her pay-back. My planning for her was like an aphrodisiac. Very rewarding... if you know what I mean. One of my most challenging dilemmas, especially at the height of our party period, was planning moments alone with Arlene. Most of these were in the mist of night. I can still remember times, when the party was over, and the band would play one more tune, just for Arlene and me. Just one of life's extra for which Arlene would reward me. For all the moments I put together for Arlene, life seemed to throw in something more. Or where we lovers alive.) 

Here is the song to go with this: Starland Vocal Band "Afternoon Delight" 

With all this talk of love, how about a new perfume 

As of January 2015, Clive Christian No. 1 was considered the most expensive perfume, running as high as $800 for 3 milligrams. Flerp is offering something new and at a much more reasonable price. Flerp Films is an independent production house focusing on sketch, improvisation, commercial and original comedies. In addition to this, Flerp has discovered a cholesterol free fragrance for women, called Butte're. 
Now, one has to wonder, what a film production company knows about perfume. "Flerp: Butte're" 

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