Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lovers’ Lore to Every Break Up Ever 

In a dream a heart is taken to the land of lovers' lore 

In a daze heartbreaks are taken to the land of just one more break up 

Lovers’ Lore (Italian sonnet) 

A fragrance felt again alights the shore
Soft shimmerings cast songs to claim my heart
Blue waves enticing feelings come explore
While whispered wishes paradise impart
The satin spray of tides begin to flow
As reasons for this moment gently spread
A dream ignites what wonders can bestow
While passion scents vast visions up ahead
And while I drift at edge of what can be
I feel the doubt from clouds of some unknown
A world recalls a need for clarity
A memory which it can call its own
But fragrance felt arouses sighs once more
Pure trusting winds surrender would apply
To lovers’ lore imaginings I soar
As with a kiss I bid the world goodbye

(A suggestive Italian love sonnet. I left the scene somewhat open, to allow readers' imagination to play. There is a reason I brought back a rhyme in the 4th stanza I began with in the 1st stanza. - I'm not certain when it started, but the scent of jasmine has a magical effect on me. It takes me to a place where only happiness exists. My mind dances in every pleasant moment I ever passed through, all at once. It is no secret that good perfumes and colognes smell different when sparked by an individual's natural scent. For Arlene it was Yves Saint Laurent's Opium. On Arlene, to me, it smelled like a summer's night of jasmine. So when I speak of a fragrance, I speak of Arlene in the glories of jasmine. My garden walls have been taken over by jasmine. And when a breeze carries its scent to me, I'm carried to the glories of Arlene.)

I know what this all sounds like: Will Downing "Lover's Paradise" 

The other side of the coin (with a bit of laughter) 

Linda Wolfe holds the record for the most marriages with 23 ex-husbands. I'd say she has some experience with break ups. If you you are one of the lucky souls never to have gone through one, Smosh has put together a compilation for you. Smosh is a web-based comedy duo consisting of Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Break ups have been a part of the dating scene, as the video will show, as long as there have been couples. Smosh feels, why not step back and have a laugh or two? 
If you are one who has gone through a break up, after viewing this video, you should be wondering: who was Smosh dating? (Or who was dating Smosh?) "EVERY BREAK UP EVER" 

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