Thursday, August 20, 2015

Star-fixed Eyes to ETS COOL Bus 

The star-fixed eyes of lovers turn to tomorrow 

The star-fixed eyes of a transit system turns to tomorrow 

Star-fixed Eyes (changing poem) 

So sure of all that what might be
A world of possibility
A haven where young hearts might flee
With star-fixed eyes they went to see
Their days a happy melody
Delighting in their company
They spent such moments holding tight
That wishes hid their destiny
Their passion masked reality
As daylight lingered into night
Another kiss another flight
Another satin memory
But then they paused to see the light
And questioned source of their delight
Was this the tale that they did write
Those lovers lost to mystery
So sure of all they had in sight
A world of everything is bright
A haven where all this is right
With star-fixed eyes a kiss goodnight

(Another poem that starts with one rhyme and ends with another. Also note how the line wording of the last stanza is very similar to the first. There is a world of meaning one can derive from this. - It is so "human" of me to remember the day, long ago, when Arlene and I moved in together. We truly "knew" we now had everything. We had finally arrived. Over time, life set in, in the form of bills and day to day living. Somehow we had changed. We were still young lovers. We made adjustments and went off, together to make our tomorrow. This happened several more times before Peter was born and we became parents. We had changed. Still, we were young lovers. Then there was caring for our child (then children), the change in lifestyle, school, balancing the days to meet those unexpected callings and the myriad of things parents go through. One day our children were matured and wanted to explore their own lives. Arlene and I had changed. Yet in our 40s, still considered ourselves young lovers with tomorrow waiting for us. We were not disappointed. Arlene and I enjoyed 7 unbelievable, dreamlike years. Yet we had changed. What made me so "human" through it all was: I never became that tomorrow of so long ago or so many restarts, yet there is still tomorrow.)

A fitting song for all of this: The Carpenters "For All We Know" 

From lovers to something a bit more mundane 

It is believed the omnibus was the first organized public transit system within a city. It appears to have originated in Paris, France, in 1662.  As far as excitement in public transit systems, we clearly have to turn our attention toward Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It seems the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is unveiling a new fleet of buses. The new buses, said to be made in Denmark, and the ad are aimed to increase public use of the ETS. No one is sure who successful the transportation system will be in Edmonton, but the ad has gone viral worldwide. 
Edmonton may not have the best buses, but based on YouTube views, they gave the best bus ad. "ETS COOL Bus - Full Length" 

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