Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Frog King to Life as a Little Person 

A tale of a ruler trapped in his own fantasy 

A tale of a little mind exploring the world of a little person 

The Frog King (English sonnet) 

Upon his lily pad throne cross the sea
The king of all he saw now meets his day
His orders crocked for his servants to obey
This ruler of some but his destiny
His kindness of mind caused others dismay
A world beyond his it just couldn’t be
And tears which chanced by where a mystery
This ruler of some whose path went astray
The servants would hide away with their dreams
But that cursed voice now commanded the air
This ruler of some but some only dread
The tears of many hushed gathered in streams
But onward he crocked to fate unaware
This ruler of some but death overhead

(I used the English sonnet form to share a parable. I'm sure we can all relate to some extent, Did you catch how similar I kept all four of the last lines? - Let me share one of my awakenings. The Masonic Line of officers has many life lessons, like all of freemasonry. One of the lessons of the Master, of the Lodge is: We have this opportunity. Make the most of it. I was the Junior Warden at the time. One of the Junior Warden's duties is to be in charge of all social events. The Master, at the time, gave me a free hand. All he asked was that there be no alcohol during his year. Fearing that this might negatively effect the parties, I had in my plans, I quickly got on the phone with the "powers that be". It wasn't long for the Master to call and rescind his request. We went on to have the biggest, most attended and best events in Lodge history (including a dance held in the Lion House of the San Francisco Zoo). When my year was over and the praises had subsided, I had time to reflect on my failure. I could have been a great Junior Warden, but instead I had to swallow this bitter pill and live with the loss of an opportunity,)

A song for two frog kings: Franziska Imboden "Sunset" 

It looks like I have to move over 

The shortest human adult ever documented was Chandra Bahadur Dangi, of Nepal, who measured 22 in (57 cm). Forrest MacNeil, of Comedy Central, is not a little person but became curious of the day to day challenges of little people. He revamped his home and office to simulate what it's like to be a little person.
The result of Forrest's research is: There are now little people curious of the day to day challenges of Forrest MacNeil. "Life as a Little Person - Review - Comedy Central"

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