Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lovers And The River to Bus Don't Move 

A tale of young lovers and the river 

A tale of young moms and the morning 

The Lovers And The River (story poem) 

A tale unfolds of lovers true
Who met to cross a river blue
And heaven watched and heaven sighed
As once more couple there did meet
An ageless custom to repeat
To test how strong their love might be
They’ll walk to meet their destiny
And heaven’s wish was at their side
He took her hand in peril’s view
A final kiss their love renew
They entered water felt its strain
To try the trust these two maintain
And heaven’s hope now opened wide
As couple progressed cautiously
To press ahead or turn and flee
There in the strength of river’s flow
Where naked truth began to show
And heaven held as love was tried
His hold on love began to wane
Her footing she could not regain
Was there a love which once was sweet
Had met a fate it would not beat
And heaven watched and heaven cried
When finally he let her go
A tale of Joy or one of woe

(In this story/poem there are three sets of rhymes. There is the opening rhyme and the closing rhyme. Then there is the middle rhyme. which ties the whole poem together. Did you also notice that every middle rhyme refers to heaven? - I wish I had a romantic tale, like this, to relate to you. Arlene and I were "stupid kids". We were cliff climbing at Lands End in San Francisco. There were signs, clearly posted, warning people not to climb the cliffs, for safety reasons. But Arlene and I weren't ordinary people, so surely the signs were't meant for us (or those who made the news, falling from the cliffs). Everything was going great, until I heard a scream. It was Arlene. She was stuck on a very small ledge, afraid to move. I tried to encourage her to come to my outstretched hand. She said she couldn't move and cried for me to help her. What happened next is still unclear. I wish I could say it was bravery or love which moved me to action. In fact it was shear blankness (shearer than that ledge) that took possession of me. And though that ledge was smaller than my feet, I went out and brought Arlene to safety. Or did those two fall and I am a survivor in another reality? What's even more mind blowing... did we learn anything?)

Well the water is wide: Karla Bonoff "The Water is Wide" 

From a river to a morning 

Did you know that school buses in America and Canada are all painted a specific yellow, because it attracts attention faster than any other color? Also did you know (according to American Traffic Solution) more than 100 children are killed every year walking to school. Another 25,000 are injured. And half of the 31 pedestrians killed while boarding a bus are children between the ages of 5 and 7. With this in mind, Deva Dalporto (of MyLifeSuckers), and a few of her friends, created this video, to enjoy and raise public awareness about school bus safety. 
After you finish enjoying the fun, remember and spread the word - See a Bus, Don’t Move. "Bus Don't Move - Bust A Move Parody" 

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