Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Secret Of My Tears to Cat Soap Opera 

Discover the secret of a lover's tears 

Discover the secret of the cat hospital 

The Secret Of My Tears (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The morning’s blessings gently touched yours lips
The night departs the reason for the dew
The sun has come again to grace your hue
Your fragrant melody the dawn now sips
The day has rushed to marvel at your glow
The other flowers blush and hide their face
The dreams of time now usher your embrace
Your lasting kiss to ending you must know
For I have come to steal your life away
And now you feel the secret of my tears
My knife has come to free you from your fears
And turn you to a thought of yesterday
And soon you’ll know the glories from above
My rose you are the smile I bring my love

(I started out by painting a picture of madness and death. In the end it was a rose, a sacrifice for my love. Notice the order the sonnet begins with, which dissolves when the knife appears, in the conflict stanza.The sonnet is packed with hidden meaning, to let one's mind wander. - I learned early the power of surprise. People really appreciate it. But there is a balance. Each individual needs an access to their comfort zone. Consider a roller coaster. Most of us like the excitement, but we appreciate the assurance we are safe. Now, as far as the rose and Arlene. Arlene really didn't like flowers. So I had to cut roses from the garden of my imagination. Once cut, I expected of myself a new prize to bring a smile to my love's day. With this narrative, the possibilities of this sonnet has opened up,)

For the madness of this "love" sonnet, I turn to Sweeney Todd: 
Stephen Sondheim "Johanna Quartet" 

From one secret we purr into another 

The mother of the soap opera was Irna Phillips. She created the first radio soap opera "Painted Dreams" in 1937. Mark Douglas has gone one step further. Normally Mark works for Barely Production, a production channel on YouTube. But they didn't listen to him. Mark didn't understand why. His idea was filled with tension, betrayal, deaths, and affairs and, oh yes... cats. So he went to Field Day to bring his vision to life. Why didn't Barely Production take advantage of Mark's concept of a hospital run by humans and cats? 
Could it be that Mark called Barely Production on a Sunday, their one day off. "Cat Soap Opera | Mark Douglas of Barely Productions Has A Field Day" 

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