Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Truth to Grandma Does Soccer 

A man puts aside one reality in search of the truth 

A soccer team puts aside one truth when faced with reality 

The Truth (free form poem) 

Closing the door to all that he knew
He hoped to find path to himself
The truth to that face in the mirror
The answer to voice which he hears
Stepping away from places once warm
The world took of a different hue
From the one which so often was told about
From the one which many touted about
At last he was free to use his own eyes
To see things as they really were
Far apart from others point of view
Far apart the visions which danced in that mind
But there in the midst of his glory
As sun kissing distance such beauty made
Mingle with the path he had hoped for
Was a truth which he couldn’t undo 

(Did you notice the first words in lines three and four, of the first three stanzas, were the same? This repetition becomes more pronounced. In the fourth stanza, even though our hero says."...truth which he couldn’t undo", things change (or are lost). - I have confronted my mirror many times, as I went through the changes in my life.  I learned about the mirror while working with Devo E. Harris, in my spiritual days. Devo and I attracted many followers. One was a wealthy gentleman, who financed our public lectures. The "mirror" was just an expression for stepping back and taking an open and honest look at our self. This is were we start.)

To go with this concept, I ran across this video: Bassnectar "Butterfly" 

Let's toy with another truth 

Multi-colored balls were not used in soccer matches until 1998. I remember that. I was a youth soccer coach at that time. In my third year I started to coach mixed teams. I noticed that the girls played just as well as the boys. I was granted permission to play my "mixed" teams against all boy teams, as long as our scores were competitive. I still wonder if men and women (mixed teams) couldn't join and play professionally. I guess the team at Max Man.TV were thinking the same thing. They got the aid of Raquel Benetti and Alice Fougeray, two soccer greats, to help further our point. 
Enjoy the video and take in the information contained and maybe you too may join the team. "Grandma Does Soccer Tricks - Maxmantv" 

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