Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Path to Driving Stereotypes 

On one path dance lovers quite special 

On another path are drivers we are all familiar with 

This Path (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s dance down this path of dreams that come true
Where showers of flowers help guide our way
While mist laced with kisses help guide our play
Then whispers of wishes hint what to do
Let’s chance our own path where streams of light stray
Around every turn a world which is new
Where I may explore a world which is you
As heartbeats repeat one more special day
Dark clouds and shadows may cause us to slip
And ill-conceived lies may confuse our trip
And torrents of doubt may into us rip
Till hope’s tender tears our kisses will sip
Let’s dance down this path our gift from above
And show the whole world a couple in love

(Another light love sonnet. Those familiar with my style will recognize my playful use of sounds and words: like :...whispers of wishes hint what.." Also, I have been criticized for using "which" instead of "that". I am aware their definitions are somewhat different. I just like the softer flow of "which". - A teacher, Mr. Land put me on stage, so I gained a confidence in myself. During the same period, there was this girl, Gloria. She was much too beautiful to be interested in me. So I never made any advances toward her. I found out later, she felt the same about me. When I found out, I swore, never to let chances pass me by again. So Arlene got Mr. Land and Gloria. I knew she loved it. I often got a replay of our adventures from her friends. "You didn't really fly Arlene, to dance by riverboat down the Mississippi river!") 

And then there was the dance: Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Di Lello dancing 
Sergio Mendes "Magalenha" 

From the exciting to the mediocre 

If one is a NASCAR fan then one knows, as of this edition, driver Kevin Harvick holds the lead in the standings. I wonder if he suffers any of the stereotypical driver behavior put together by the team of Dude Perfect. Dude Perfect is a, Texas A&M University, sports and comedy entertainment group comprised of Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Normally basketball fanatics, the team noticed, while driving to a game, they engaged in driving behaviors that were oddly familiar. One thing led to another until this was created, 
If that face looks familiar, that's because it is NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr" 

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