Sunday, August 9, 2015

Touch The Fields to Yeah I got skills 

A lover is blessed to have touched the fields 

A fellow is blessed to discover his skills 

Touch The Fields (changing poem) 

Who was I to touch the fields of splendor
Taking in the comely spring of youth
Flowers were swept dreams for a tomorrow
Heartbeats were some words to this day’s song
One more day to scramble cares with friends
One more memory of legends made
Was in a place so strange and unfamiliar
When I first felt the breath of something new
I heard the world cry comrade come away
The day is young and thrills remain untried
But all I was this moment special drew
A vision which would set all else askew
Something lingered in that last farewell
As deep inside me yearnings burnings grew
And all my cares so far beyond me flew
What were these heights this person set me through
It wasn’t long for kisses to debut
As magic moment turned into a few
I would return as lovers often do
Just who was I to touch the fields so true

(Another form Of the Changing Poem idea. This time a free form poem becomes a rhyme. Notice how I managed to start the transformation on the word "new". In short: this change symbolizes the changes most of us go through from young lovers to seasoned sweethearts. - Here we were, Arlene and I. Touching our 50s. We had done so much,  seen so many things, touched so many lives, experienced so much of life; passed through darkness and light, pains and joys and we were still together. Here was the couple who had their start with a magic tear, who frolicked and kissed in lovers' paradises, who raised two amazing children, who grew into community leaders, who many predicted would never stay together and still enjoy moonlit waltzes through memories made. Yes, we danced in the fields meant for lovers. The fields of our youth flowering as Arlene and I met our challenges with kisses and caresses. So, like this poem two wild and carefree lovers transformed.)

As luck would have it, I ran into this great video: Enya "We Are Free Now" 
(Yes, I was a Final Fantasy fan) 

From love to a more earthly skills 

BeyoncĂ© Knowles loves the game Connect Four and once beat Kanye West in 9 out of 10 matches.Talk about weird skills, meet Joe Charman. Joe is a British comedian and vineographer. He has recently discovered he some unusual skills. Joe made a compilation video of is skills. 
Another of Joe's skills, not shown in the video, is his ability to get me to feature his video here. "Yeah I got skills - ultimate compilation" 
(If you want to respond to Joe, leave a comment on his video.) 

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