Sunday, August 30, 2015

Voices Of Why to Pranking Walmart 

 Memories become the voices that fill a heart with why 

Mischief become the voices that fill an ear with why 

Voices Of Why (poem) 

Those voices now seem far away
The laughter of children at play
Reminder of some yesterday
Which still has the freedom to stray
Away from this world full of why
Delight is the sound of their glee
So bright was their sweet memory
Pure right was their reason to be
What might be was their destiny
Their sight held the secret to why
For they held the keys to the sky
Because was their reason to try
And they were the reason to sigh
As they kissed their worries goodbye
And danced on the edges of why
Time wonders just where did they go
Those voices that hearts used to know
Enchantment from so long ago
These reasons for its gentle flow
Soft tears hold its answer to why
One wonders if they will renew
Those voices of bright mornings’ dew
Those so many dreams that came true
Reflections of all we went through
Your kiss keeps the seasons of why

(There are many ways, or levels, to take this poem. It is a song of loss and hope, whether an individual, individuals, time, places, moments or the myriad of things that make memories. Did you notice the rhyme progression? Ii follows the vowel progression: A E I O U and sometimes "Why" (Y). - As I grow old, I am reminded of the many, many, many things I will never do again. Special places closing and I will never see them again, Familiar faces are vanishing, and I had a lot. The whole world is changing and I feel I no longer fit in. I have performed 147 masonic funerals from 1999 to 2010 and served as chaplain in many more. I have buried many friends and teachers. Sadly, this has made me somewhat less sensitive to death. Life has allowed me to do so much and people have elevated me to heights, most never experience. The wonder which was a life is coning to close. Sure, I get depressed. But in all my gratitude, I still wonder why. People ask me, as grand as my life was, would I live it again? I simply smile ans answer no.)

What song could be more fitting: Barbra Streisand "The Way We Were" 

How about a few laughs to spark rainbows 

In 1950, Sam Walton purchased a store from Luther E. Harrison in Bentonville, Arkansas, and opened Walton's 5 & 10. Thus began the legend of Walmart. Walmart has a questionable reputation, from its "ageless" greeters to its "picturesque" clientele. The last thing they need is a prank phone call. Greg Benson, of Mediocre Films, and his pal, comedian Plymouth J Cliffords (Master Prank Phone Caller) added to the wackiness which is Walmart. 
Actually, Walmart gets a lot of crazy phone calls, but not all are well orchestrated prank phone calls that go viral on YouTube. "PRANKING WALMART!" 

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