Friday, August 7, 2015

Walk To School to Adultz Bops 

A couple's walk to school becomes ageless and cute 

But when parents get-a-hold of today's songs the cool turns ridiculous 

Walk To School (changing poem) 

The summer warmed the air once more
When he knocked on familiar door
And there she was the dream he bore
To walk to school as times before
So beautiful the smiles they wore
They made all hearts who saw them soar
Such memories would they unfold
In others who had touched their shore
Again to her his all he swore
As he offered hand to hold
In their minds were worlds untold
And each another kiss restore
Some voices from dark windows scold
Keep your affairs at home they tolled
Unknowingly such Joys they mold
In couple who now clouds explore
Such fantasies these two enrolled
Each wish and hope their dreams controlled
Their flame of love could not grow cold
Though time and years had made them old

(When we reach the end of this poem, we learn why I used this form of poetry. More than the rhyme changed. It is important to keep in mind: When I was a teenager, kissing in public was frowned upon. - Except for summer school, I never walked Arlene to school. My school let out earlier than Arlene's, plus Arlene was heavily into school sports, which made it easy to walk her home. We'd occasionally stop at a hamburger joint (Hamburger Haven) or an ice cream shop (Golden Rainbow) on the way to Arlene's house. We kept this tradition up even after Arlene graduated, though nowhere near as often. It was sad when Hamburger Haven closed. But for those moments, Arlene and I were ageless. We were all those times we retraced in those steps. The ice cream shop also closed. But Arlene and I had our memories.)

The Beatles were popular at the time, but this song seemed more fitting: 
The Penguins "Earth Angel" 

Have I grown this old 

Chuck Berry is credited for inventing rock and roll' in 1955. There is apparently evidence that this form of music was being performed by other artists as early as the 1940's. Considering the nature of rock and roll, it's all good.  For those unfamiliar: Kidz Bop is a brand of compilation albums featuring kids performing contemporary popular songs. The series was developed by Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam in September 2000. This is all well and good. Now the folks at Loose Silverware have put together a series called Adultz Bop,  a brand of compilation albums featuring parents performing contemporary popular songs, with the lyrics altered to fit parental sensitivities. This is all... 
There is apparently evidence that Loose Silverware is being paid not to put together any more of their "What-Ever". Kids have even promised to do their homework. "Adultz Bop!" 

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