Monday, August 17, 2015

Watching to 9 Perks Of Being The Designated Driver 

Some watchers are invasive and unwelcome 

Some watchers are welcome and trusted (we hope) 

Watching (repeating poem) 

At our ease
Thoughts to please
Peace to seize
They’re watching
On the street
Things we greet
Home’s retreat
Words on phone
Moans and groans
All we own
Madness and sadness
Pervades through our life
Meeting our needs
Telling us what we want
Thoughts in head
Might have said
Jokes we spread
They’re watching
Viewing show
Mindless flow
Letting go
Endless and hopeless
Prying ears and eyes
Promising safety
As something else still dies
Lives they saved
Money’s knaves
To our graves
These depraved
Still watching

(There is a lot going on in this poem. It begins with a message stated in a strong beat and rhyme. Then something happens to disrupt the beat and rhyme. The original flow returns. The poem ends with two new structures. Why? - The eyes and ears that are watching us are challenges for another generation, I have done my part, in my time, for the things I care about.
Let me use my/this time to share something non-secret about freemasonry. (I am NOT trying to get anyone to join.) The lamb skin apron  may be one of the most important symbols of a mason. It is the badge or sign of a Mason. The lamb skin apron frees a mason from the expectations of any future awards or rewards, as he has already received the highest award “…that can be bestowed upon us, by king, prince, potentate or any other person”. Now, as a Mason, he is completely free to explore things that are truly important as individuals and to society, that “purity of intentions” not bound by the need for material wealth and fame. Whatever else comes is a “thank you” for believing in that cloth a mason wears. - Quite a difference between mysterious secrecy and mysterious openness.)

As far as the poem: 1984 Oceania Anthem "Oceania" (based on George Orwell book "1984") 

I guess we could use a warm laugh 

Balkan 176 is strongest known alcoholic beverage. It is a 176 proof vodka from the eastern part of Russia. Now, if we are out drinking Balkan 176 or something much (much, much, much...) lighter, it is a good idea to have a designated driver. Or be a designated driver yourself, to make sure your friends make it home safely. The folks at BuzzFeedVideo have found some additional reasons that might motivate us to not only laugh, but consider being a designated driver. 
I have to bring this edition to a close. Just typing Balkan 176 is making my computer act weird. "9 Perks Of Being The Designated Driver" 

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