Monday, August 24, 2015

Weeping Willow to Paranoid in the library 

In a quiet field unfolds a tale only a weeping willow knew 

In a quiet library unfolds a tale only paranoia knew 

Weeping Willow (English sonnet

Was there aside a weeping willow tree
Which graced a field of flowers fraught with dew
Amid the dawn the bitter night now through
A maiden rests where straying eyes can’t see
She wore the blessing of a youthful hue
Her hair was long and brown and flowed so free
Her face aglow in heaven meant to be
This flower’s beauty was a dream come true
And by her flowed a pool of reddened dread
From heart that has forgotten how to beat
And eyes which saw this story come to close
So there she sleeps upon her final bed
And what had brought an end to one so sweet
A legend only weeping willow knows

(I tried to weave an image filled with love which doesn't become somewhat clear until the conclusion. Until the final stanza a myriad of images are stroked. - It wasn't a weeping willow. It was a maple tree. It grows by Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. I use to take Arlene canoeing there. After which we would sit by our tree and watch the world float by. In our time, Arlene and I would visit our tree now and again. Arlene's father is buried at Forest Lawns. When Arlene died, the family and I wanted her buried at the same cemetery as her father. Many of Arlene's relatives are buried there. I had a good friend who worked at Forest Lawns. Although Arlene's father had been laid to rest for over 25 years, in the original part of the cemetery, my friend managed to find Arlene a plot only 3 away from her father. I would visit Arlene and her family every now and again and when I performed a funeral at Forest Lawns.When I visit Arlene, I rest in the shade of a maple tree, that grows near Arlene.)

If you don't feel a tear yet, this should do the trick: Secret Garden "Aquarell" 

If you're paranoid about impending laughter, you might be right 

Dr. John Forbes Nash is considered a genius mathematician who has helped widen people’s knowledge regarding mathematical concepts. He won the Nobel Prize award in the field of mathematics and logical thinking. He was also a paranoid schizophrenic. There seems to be a little bit of paranoia in all of us. Ask Jack Vale. Jack is a Huntington Beach, California comedian and YouTuber. He made lots of laughs playing with people's paranoia. Now he is loose in a library. 
If you don't think you are a little paranoid, remember I told you so. "PARANOID IN THE LIBRARY!" 

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