Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wonder With Me to If Reality TV Took On Push Up Competitions 

A person reaches out to walk him through reality 

A what if reaches out to watch a new concept in reality TV  

Wonder With Me (free form poem) 

Tremble with me
Wonder with me
Everyone wants to know
What kind of person is he
Each star of success
Is a new hope reborn from its sleep
Which lightens the long lumbering night
With a dazzling display of thrills
Which he recalled so easily
Oh the things we can do
Such changes to warm warn out streets
People remembering to smile
Love affairs renewed in enchantments
Following his lead
The path of possibility
And on and on we went
Relighting the long lost forgot
Showing others it’s safe to follow their heart
It’s okay to be a star in the day
Just look at this marvel
He doesn’t flee
But where were we when he needed us
Through his beatings and neglect
We turned away from the all the cries
All the whys which went unanswered
Thank God for forgiveness
Wonder with me
Tremble with me

(Here is poem/thought/riddle. We have a man wandering though a shadow, with a light up ahead. Just when we think we might know what he's talking about, he gets deeper. In the end, one can only guess where his message went, or came from. Is it religious? Is it something personal? We are only left with these clues, "Wonder with me. Tremble with me." -  I have a lot of experience with "fame is a fleeting thing". How quickly we're forgotten when they're not on top (here and now). Many-a imaginative minds are pushed aside. Many-a good intention, hard working, positive heroes of society are  brushed aside, forgotten, covered by the sands of time. I have been fortunate to have brushed the shoulders of many-a great women and men. And, oh yes, I am a Christian.)

To go with these thoughts, I've selected: Les Jumeaux "Miracle Road" 

Confusion to confusion 

Many believe Realty TV may have begun in earnest in 1991 with the Dutch series Nummer 28. Now-a days Reality TV is everywhere and runs the gamut. The folks at College Humor 2 (CH2) have come up with a new idea. Why not have a show built around push ups? Think about it. It's no more far fetched as some of stuff making the air waves. 
Push Up Competitions may not see the world of Reality TV, but it did cut its niche in viral videos. 

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