Monday, September 21, 2015

Alone At Home to Stop Saying Literally 

Alone at home a phone call leads to tragedy 

Alone at a bar a phone call leads to sick humor - Literally 

Alone At Home (English sonnet) 

Alone at home his wife again not there
She’s out with him came rushing to his mind
A pain with which he should be more resigned
As signs of him were written everywhere
He turned toward rage his anger to unwind
And wildly shattered things without a care
Till something tender gently caught his stare
And brought his thoughts to love now so unkind
He loved her so why is he now alone
While stranger dwells in heaven of her kiss
His tears now curse what time brought to his side
Then came a call upon his telephone
And all his worldly reason fell to this
His car had crashed and sadly his wife died

(This sonnet employees another trick I've learned to toy with - shock. To make the conclusion more dramatic, I made the beginning straight forward. Isn't it interesting, how one line changes the whole poem? - This poem was an experience of a friend of mine. He and his wife were part of our disco scene. They even came to a few dinner parties Arlene and I through. After our disco days to the birth of Peter, our son, we saw less and less of the couple. I don't know how the husband found out where we lived,, since Arlene and I had moved, but one night he showed up at our door, drunk. He told Arlene and I the story of the problems he and his wife were having and about the other man. He was too drunk to send home by himself, so we let him crash on the couch. The next morning, he thanked us for listening and apologized. He did this two more times. This is where the story gets a little strange. I got home late. Arlene said I had to talk to our friend about dropping by unannounced. The phone began ringing as Arlene was finishing her thought. It was the police. They asked if I could meet them at San Francisco General Hospital. There, in the emergency ward, an officer told me my friend's wife was involved in a fatal car accident. The strange gets stranger. Arlene and I stayed with our friend as long we could. We needed some rest, so we went home to sleep. When  we went back to the hospital, our friend had disappeared. No one knew where he went. Arlene and I never heard from our friend again.)

This all calls for a haunting song: Roy Orbison "Crying" 

After all that, how about a smile 

Literally literally means in a literal manner or sense; exactly or it is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true. I bet you didn't expect an English lesson when you stopped by. It is kind of important that we all know what "literally" literally means. (Why? I don't know.) Have you ever had a friend who literally uses literally too much? In this sketch by BuzzFeed Video, two friends are supposed to meet up at a bar. One of the friends literally uses "literally" literally too much. He is warned but literally continues using "Literally" - literally. The end result is literally heart breaking but literally funny. 
I hope we're too tired of hearing 'literally" to enjoy this video. "STOP SAYING LITERALLY" 

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