Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beyond Eternity to Rate Me 

A lover rates the eternity if hit world 

Another man is put through eternity to rate a girl 

Beyond Eternity (poem) 

Meer time will perish long before
Ocean waves won’t kiss the shore
And clouds will all forget to sore
Yes all of this and so much more
When flowers will neglect their bloom
With their fragrance air won’t groom
And colors in their stillness loom
Yes all of this must first meet gloom
Sweet music will no longer play
Its meaning will just slip away
Dread silence will have more to say
Yes all of this will darken day
Warm summers cease to follow spring
Soft stars no longer wonder bring
And memories won’t mean a thing
Yes all of this and empty sting
But far beyond eternity
And all of this joins use to be
My heart will sing out Joyfully
How beautiful you are to me

(Gee... get to the point! She is beautiful. But wait a minute. Like many of my poems, there are a number of ways to take this poem. Two examples; 1) She is more beautiful than all these things or 2) Take all these away, there is still her. Like her; more than meets the eye. - In my photography days, I was gifted in capturing exceptional "head shots". A good friend (and nothing more) from my school days, Valerie, was one of my first models. She was a dancer and an aspiring model at the time. She was quite attractive and on that day gave  me a valuable lesson in beauty. I watched as she changed through the magic of makeup. Valerie noticed my fascination and took me on an adventure. Valerie's face and her cosmetic mastery changed the way she appeared. She explained the whats and whys to me as I watched, enjoyed and took it all in. I watched her change from one person to another before my eyes. I was so taken in by amazement, I found it hard to find words. We were not lovers, yet there was a feeling. As I watched Valerie, I learned a lot about beauty. It was amazing that it took so little makeup to bring about such remarkable changes.When we had some wine, after the experiences, Valerie said to me that she was blessed to be gifted with a face that was so alive. Then she turns to me a says,"You know what makes a women more beautiful than any makeup? The right person's attention.)

Okay, here is a song to go with this: Matt Monro "Portrait Of My Love" 

From romance to friends to funny 

Some believe "Makeup Artist" is a term originating in Egypt, and is taken from the hieroglyph "sesh." It means "to engrave". We could ask Emily Pendergast and Lucas Hill (of Genuine Jerks, a comedy sketch team) for their opinion, but they are in a discussion about Emily's beauty. Emily wants Lucas to rate how good she looks. 
Let's watch and find out what these two know and learn about beauty. " Rate Me" 

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