Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Distant Sunsets to Musicless Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" 

Tankas of lifetimes and memories 

Remember the Bee Gees without the music 

Cruel Life (tanka) 

How cruel was her life
To spread across her mirror
All the memories
Of a life rich in beauty
Many lonesome tears ago

Distant Sunsets (tanka) 

Shadows came to play
Where flowers once had their way
Those far away days
Which in our hearts still blazes
As we gaze distant sunsets

Ocean Of Memories (tanka) 

Each moment of time
Ticking by to take its place
As we drift along
Grasping at what will become
An ocean of memories

(I hope you enjoyed these tankas. Though they generally deal with life and memories, they are open to interpretation. Keep in mind, these are "romantic" viewpoints, specific to their piece. - Life is interesting. I studied to be a music teacher. I graduated from San Francisco State College and was ready to go for my teaching certificate. I don't know why, but James Kearney was at my graduation. He was the principal of my high school, and remembered me. He then worked at the board of education and predicted to me the bleak future of music programs in public schools. So I went with a career a Chevron Corporation. I started off by saying, "Life is interesting." At Chevron, I was encouraged to develop my creative skills. They even paid to develop it. In the end. I was paid to create. I became a soccer coach when my son became interested in sports. I was so successful I was asked to continue. For 13 years  I would go on and even coached for an elementary and Catholic school. Chevron (being highly into charity) even gave me paid time off to coach. For 6 years, I studied to be an orator for the Masons. I helped create a masonic training and information program in San Francisco and was an instructor there. After so many years, a teacher retired. Life is interesting,)

Since we're talking about life, here is an interesting song. I hope you like it: 
Willie Nelson, Wyilon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash "The Highwayman" 

Before we get too elevated, let's step back to the Bee Gees 

It is estimated that there are about 3,500 species of bees in North America, and over 20,000 bee species worldwide and the Bee Gees were never one of them. For those unfamiliar, the Bee Gees were an Australian pop music group formed in 1958, consisting of brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.  In 1978 they won a Grammy Award for their hit "Stayin' Alive". Thanks to Mario Wienerroither, we have come across an enlightening video of the boys and this great disco hit. All of the distracting music has been removed to heighten our enjoyment. 
If you like this version, the full album is NOT available at Amazon. You'll just have to hit the replay button "Musicless Musicvideo / BEE GEES - Stayin' Alive" 

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