Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Door To Door to Epic Trailer Gone Wrong  

A lover doesn't know where things went wrong 

Another person knows where things went wrong - Because a voice told him 

Door To Door (Martin verse) 

A lover went from door to door
In search of what he had before
A dream perhaps or so much more
Yet why she left he’s still not sure
Her kisses felt the same that day
She’d smile and cause his heart to stray
And all their cares seemed far away
Yet why she left she didn’t say
Soft shadows linger by the door
His thoughts unknown they drift and stray
His feelings somewhere locked away
And where were tears he wasn’t sure
His loneliness now clouds his day
He never knew such pain before
Yet when it’s gone he yearns for more
So he won’t feel what truth may say
He held the cause of this he’s sure
He wanted her who wanted more
A story which he heard before
And so he searches door to door

(It has been awhile since we've seen a Martin verse, a rhyme scheme I came up with. It looks difficult, but it is is easier than it looks. The style has going for it, a sense of haunting, as the same words are echoed and lines are repeated. - Here was a verse about a person who finds himself searching for reasons. Obviously I had some level of experience, otherwise I could not have called together something that rings in minds and hearts. In the story a person lost his love. Who hasn't lost something; A love, a moment, a chance.... something. I sometimes wonder about the mistakes I have made. Then I wonder, what new person would I have been if I had not experienced the pain, It seems to me, the same corridor of my life contains doors of joy and fire. We all have our own corridors. We all have our own doors.)

To go with the poem, here's: Earth, Wind & Fire "After The Love Has Gone" 

Do you ever hear voices 

Ever wonder why movie trailers are called that? They used to be played after the main movie, not before. Some trailers had/have narrators. The team at Smosh wondered, what if in these trailers the narrator had power? What if he had control over everything that goes on in a trailer/ What if he made all the numbers on our lottery ticket come up? (Okay, maybe I took the "what if" too far.) 

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