Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Door To Goodbye to Look At Me 

He knows it's over as he opens the door to goodbye 

Before he goes he only has one request - Look at me 

Door To Goodbye (English sonnet) 

Can you see the door close to our goodbye
So many and more the tears put away
So many before our hearts learned to stray
And no one was sure of the reason why
No time to explore what words had to say
No time to re-shore what pain put awry
The times that we swore to give it a try
Have led to the door before us today
Those reasons galore now fall from our lips
Wild passions now sore such flames to ignite
To even a score uncertain as this
And into this war a stranger known slips
A chance to restore our reason to fight
And see that this door is closed with a kiss

(A sonnet about a relationship that didn't work. There is more to this sonnet than meets the passing eye. Did you notice that there is a second rhyme going on (door, more, before, sure, etc.)? - Most of my experience with break ups came from friends. Early in my life, Arlene and I hug out with a lot of entertainers, who had trouble managing a careers and relationships. As we all grew older, it was quite surprising, who broke up. Problems were covered up so well that no one suspected there was anything but happiness. When I was cheating on Arlene, she stayed with me. Surely she knew. Arlene was much too intelligent. When our children were born, it was my turn. Arlene and I had radically different views on parenthood. I believed everything was for family. Arlene agreed, but felt we should set aside some moments just for us.This is how our challenge started and Rick came into my life. Who would have guessed, this hard working PTA president was having an extramarital affair? What was I to do? There was the children. There were all the times I cheated on Arlene. There was the love, which started with a tear so many years ago. The children matured and Rick disappeared. Arlene and I made it! The door came and the final kiss came when Arlene died.)

For all of this, I have chosen: Roy Orbison "Crying" 

You got room for one more break up 

As of 2014, 85% of relationships end in a break up and 50% of marriages end in divorce. This may sound bad, but 3 of 4 marriages once ended in divorce. DUMB Video brings us a story of 1 of the 85. The boy is trying to keep the relationship alive, but he faces one major problem. DUMB Video is a sketch comedy group based in New York City. I only mention this to impress you with my vast knowledge (or lack thereof). 
This video will not help anyone one in their next break up. "DUMB Video: Look At Me" 

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