Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dreamers’ Dance to When You Really Want The Job 

What dance passes through dreamers' minds as they slip to paradise 

What dance passes through a mind as a man applies for a job he really wants 

Dreamers’ Dance (round) 

What dances pass a dream at night
That makes her cast a smile so bright
That all at once my heart’s aglow
To show it shares in her delight
What tempest’s tempo moves her so
That stardust silhouettes her flow
That draws me in a fantasy
To be a part of all we know
And through her eyes the world I see
Of children prancing round a tree
That shades the carefree kiss of youth
Which toothless wonders long envy
Here serenaders seize a booth
Pretending not to be uncouth
As they prepare another song
Along the path to lovers’ truth
The pulse of passion does prolong
Cascades of kisses growing strong
Under a moon whose blushes hide
The tide beside where we belong
As our two worlds meet to collide
Awake asleep all cares aside
A torrid tango needs an end
To send us where the angels hide
We’re free from pretense to pretend
That by desire we shall ascend
To paradise not far away
Astray from pleasure we extend
What dance passed by a dream this way
That only lips through kisses say
By tree that’s slipping into sight
Excited at two lovers’ play

(A romantic round. Did you pick up on the echo in this round? It happens in the forth line of each stanza. The second beat, of the forth line, rhymes with last word of the third line. - It all started at a Spring Dance in 1967. It was the first dance Arlene and I went to. It was then and there Arlene realized that I couldn't dance. She got me through the evening and on the next day started my dance training. Dancing was important to Arlene, but unfortunately I was a slow learner. Her persistence was remarkable, considering how long it took and how persistently clumsy I was. By the time we got married, Arlene's investment had paid off. More than this, we had been dancing together so often, dancing was a natural part of our life.  We would not only dance at parties, but when alone at home. Little did that young couple know, way back then, that time and time again dancing together would see us through hardships as well as open doors to paradise. Who would have imagined the doors that would open, because a girl wanted her boyfriend to dance. Dance with her.)

Speaking of dancing, let's spend a few moments with two dance legends: 
Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse dancing Fred Waring "Dancing In The Dark" 

Considering mood set, this should have been first 

According to Martin Buckland, an Executive Career Management Professional, the average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume is 5 to 7 seconds. With this in mind, consider how lucky some are to make the interview process. So the recruiters have accepted your resume, an interview has been scheduled and the team of BuzzFeed Video have decided to tell your story in their latest video (plus you really need the job). A lot of pressure! 
Let;s see how the folks at BuzzFeed handle this scenario. "WHEN YOU REALLY WANT THE JOB" 

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