Monday, September 7, 2015

Here Is Our Time to Surrendered (funny...?) 

Lovers follow their hearts and surrender to the moment 

Loveless follow their heartlessness and surrender to what we won't believe 

Here Is Our Time (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Why think of forever when we have now
Here are your kisses and here are arms
Here is the moment you fill with your charms
Here is the meaning which life does endow
Why worry of world when heartbeats are near
Here is surrender to wonder which streams
Here from the whispers which wakens our dreams
Here in this splendor of all truly dear
Who knows what winds are doomed to pass this way
You’ve loved too well to cast this gift aside
How will we fare when all we share is tried
Let’s let forever care for this dismay
Why ponder upon matters false or true
Here in this time which waits for me and you

(Here is another Shakespearean sonnet with a touch of Martin. In the first two stanzas a "Why" and "Here" theme is established. In the conflict stanza this disappears and reappears again in the rhyming couplet. Structure within structure. - Life blessed Arlene and I with many moments which we basked in. There were three that were the most notable: the disco period, our time at Ulloa and the masonic period. Let's focus, briefly, on our time at Ulloa. Ulloa is the elementary school that our children, Peter and Robin, went to. The best schools in the city had a strong PTA. When we enrolled Peter in Ulloa, their PTA was a "social club" for this one lady. Arlene had very strong social skills. People tended to gravitate toward her. This one lady did and talked Arlene into joining the PTA. Arlene thought the PTA should be doing things. like fund raisers and helping the teachers. This one lady said okay, as long as Arlene organized these efforts. Here is where I come in. By now I've become sensitive to Arlene and my strength as partners. To be the most value, Arlene should be in charge and I must make her dreams come true. Arlene's activism attracted other parents. In two years, after this one lady's son graduated, Arlene was elected president of Ulloa's PTA. The highest I got was secretary. A job I really enjoyed (not). If I had any input, Arlene and I would discuss them at home. Under Arlene's and the other parents' involvement Ulloa's academic scores went way up. What this new PTA did was amazing. To celebrate the school's accomplishments we held parties in the cafeteria and school yard. In a secluded classroom two lovers kissed to a moment.)

A song for lovers everywhere: Luther Vandross "Here and Now" 

How about something less romantic 

The Village pound (or animal shelter) was a feature of most English medieval villages. One of the oldest and well preserved pound can be found in Northfield, Birmingham. Alfrick Pound in a village in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Critics believe the new term "animal shelter" is generally a euphemism for the older term "pound". Gabrielle Conforti may have the next generation. Gabrielle is a Los Angeles based actress, producer and now YouTuber.  What if you could discard family members to the shelter like you can unwanted pets?  
A little insight (not to ruin our laughs), Gabrielle is an animal rights activist. "Gabrielle Conforti: Surrendered" 
(Did we catch Gabrielle's hidden message?) 

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