Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Used To Fly to Aunt Man 

As a hero unravels a tale of wonder 

A new hero is born 

I Used To Fly (free form poem) 

Oh friends passing by
High up in the sky
Where I use to fly
Remember the days
The endless parades
Of imagination
Which we would fly through
Such dreams we made true
Raining down on people
Dancing in the shadows
Of things which they could do
But why should they try
When heroes like I
Would come drifting by
Remember the times
Smiles fashioned by us
Enjoying the wine
Of endless applause
All those fancy claws
Of heavy jeweled crowns
With which they lavished me
And caused my vision pause
My ego worked high
To what once flown by
As dreamer did die
Remember the when
Standing amid crowds
Reading passing text
Of another’s day
And to my dismay
They lost their sense of crowns
Turning again toward sky
Which took my tears away

(I hope we all found this poem motivational. If some of the references were confusing, then the poem was working. Note: some of the poem uses rhymes and some doesn't. The poem concludes with the two combined. - In 2005, I was asked by, then Master of my Masonic Lodge, Duane Tucker, to put together a Marine Corps Toys For Tots program for the Lodge. I'm an unusual egotist. I felt my Lodge alone would not be as good as the three Lodges who met at the facility. I contacted the other two Lodges, who thought the idea was great. I contacted the Marine Corps in San Bruno, California, who were happy to help. The program was very successful. Our members filled up the 3 buckets several times and each Lodge made a financial donation. I acted as a "rah rah" at the Lodges, to cheer our member toward success. In 2006, I took the Toys For Tots program to all the Masonic Lodges in San Francisco and Daily City (12 Lodges in all). One would guess, the total donations would quadruple. But they were surprisingly higher. In 2007, I got the Scottish Rites involved and extended the program to Oakland, Marin and South San Francisco. Men, who had been watching me for 2 years now wanted to play a bigger part. There was the "rah rah", driving the toys to the Marine Corps base and helping the categorize the toys. In 2008, one of the volunteers suggested to get our communities involved. With the Scottish Rites involved, whose phone lines where available 5 days a week, this was doable. More members stepped forward. In 2009, a volunteer organised an armature football league to help Toys For Tots. Some masons were even arranging to have Toys For Tots barrels at public events. Now, one might say, "Good job, Martin." But remember, it was Duane Tucker's dream. His dream could not have been as successful without so many waking up to dream.)

Tell me if this song is not fitting for all of this: Howard Blake 
"Walking in the Air" performed by Aled Jones 

In the midst of heroes a new hero is born 

One might think Superman was the first superhero. Well, in 1936 Lee Falk introduced The Phantom. Superman didn't appear until 1938. Now, The Dog Committee (a sketch comedy group based out of New York City) introduces us to a new superhero. Aunt Man! What mother would send her son into harms way? None. But, maybe an aunt would. Not only that, but offer him the training in the deadly skills of an aunt. Like the chilling skills of that aunt who wears too much perfume at family gatherings.
Look out, enemies of the innocent, for the might (or maybe) of Aunt Man. "The Dog Committee: Aunt Man"

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